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Monday, October 8, 2012

In the stillness of the morning

There is a stillness every morning that is awaiting you and me
We can choose to, if we want to, to take part in this mystery
There is an awesomeness in the waking within that Heart Divine
We are all here working together to create for Him a  shrine.

With every movement of our actions and with every word that we say
We are creating, without knowing, an enormous temple of our day
Where the Infinite Awesome Maker of all  the universes and the stars
Can talk with us a moment about our successes and our scars.

We will never be able to understand it: the greatness of who we are
If we are not creating bridges to that Eternity so close and far
With everything  that we are doing. we are needing to find some time
To communicate with the One who has created our being and our rhyme.

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