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Sunday, October 7, 2012

In the morning

Sounds in the morning are starting to ring across the slowly waking land
And creating a melody and a poem that all creation can surely understand
All the creatures of the daylight are beginning to scamper here and there
While all the choirs of the heavenly angels are permeating all the air

Inside the silence of your being and in all that is all around you
You can hear the sacred echoes that the creator is sending through
Inside the center of every creature and flowing from the heights above
Is the sweetness of the Eternal who is showing us all how to love

So let us be grateful for all things living and for the air we breathe
For it is the expression most appropriate for all that we do receive
With all that's in us and around us We can always find fitting praise
For the Creator and the Sustainer of every one of our earthly days.

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