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Monday, October 15, 2012

Every moment

Every moment is a new beginning that awakens when we arise
And brings us to that threshold of  the Creator of the skies
Every breath that we're taking, every particle of the air
Is a pathway to the Eternal, a vehicle of quiet prayer.

So we must not be  so wasteful. so ignorant of the price
That comes with every heartbeat, and all our earthly sighs
We're in the land of promise,  so many treasures are  at hand
If we could only see them,  then we'd  begin to  understand

But our vision is so limited and our hearing is so dull
We've allowed the worldly minded  to take away our lull
We're no longer in  the Maker, or in the Infinitely Divine
But rather go on groveling in  the land of me and mine

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