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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Encounter with Heaven

The ocean's sounding in the distance before the morning star begins to rise
It's majestic voice is speaking; I can hear it conversing with the skies
How deeply touching to the spirit: the sound of crashing waves on the shore
Let me linger here a while longer: the breezes have need to tell me more.

Just a sliver of the moon is showing; a shining star is glowing  above
Angelic voices are heard humming with the sweetness of God's love
How I love these precious moments: all the rest of the world is still asleep
I can taste the tender providence every sacred moment would have me keep.

If you have within you the spirit that is calling you to become still
Do not hesitate to surrender to the ONE who will teach your  will
No one else can ever do it for you or give you courage to go inside
Only you can decide the timing and receive what He wants to provide.

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