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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The wind is whispering secrets

The wind is whispering secrets that is so hard to hear
For it requires one to listen with an ever open ear
Words that are so gentle and words that are  Divine
Descend from Heaven's portal to create an earthly shrine

Not like the words of mortals that come and quickly go
The words of the Eternal have an everlasting glow.
They rest within our being and create a tender light
Inside the Infinite whisper is the answer to our night

I cannot put in writing what is not able to be heard
But can gently start encouraging: be  open to God's word
For it comes into our silence and starts decorating our will
If we would have God's wisdom we must become very still.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tears for the East Coast

Tears for the East coast fall without end
As Sandy continues without any friend
She lashes out angrily all over the place
Her path of destruction is such a disgrace.

Many are without power wherever you go
Businesses and homes beneath waters that flow
Fires and flooding are visible outside
The wrath of your winds: many states wide.

The hand that is writing hasn't known sleep
A vigil of solidarity this soul has to keep
Feelings of  heartache and sorrow inside
My thoughts about Sandy, I'm not able to hide.

Sandy oh Sandy  how far will you go
Your path of destruction all will soon know
Left without the resources so needed to live
Many will awaken and see what hurricanes give

Monday, October 29, 2012

Nothing is more important

The spirits of the universe rouse me from my sleep
And whisper come and see all the secrets that we keep
For before the light of day before the blowing breeze
We have spoken with the One Who gives all life and frees

Quiet now your footsteps and be gentle along the way
we have so much to tell you and we have so much to say
Be not too quick in movement and be not rushing through
There's a stillness that is needed deep inside of you.

Hush now all your thinking; breathe in the purest air
Be one with all around you  and of your being be aware
Listen to your heartbeat and feel your soul within
Let the rythm of the universe help you to begin.

Nothing is more important and nothing is more dear
Than having that inner freedom that enables you to hear
The whispering of the Eternal, the voices of the Divine
Let go of all that keeps you from Eternity's lasting shine.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Sandy has come and is roaring around
Nobody is sure of what comes with her sound
Predictions and warnings are all on the air
Sandy, however, proceeds without care

Winds have united across the long mile
People are scattering for just a short while
Many are labeling the width of her strength
Super storm Sandy, unpredictable her length

Creatures are careful and keep from her way
Trees in great reverence before her will sway
Houses will topple beneath her great blow
Waters will break loose and everywhere flow

Talk to the Maker of everything around
Ask Him to soften her hit on the Sound
Many who have doubted will finally sea
Sandy is the beginning of what's yet to be.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sometimes the doubt....

Sometimes the doubt comes like a demon
that is raging in the night
It clouds the mind and troubles the heart
and dims our inner sight
It  roars out loud and disturbs our peace
and blocks our will to try
The demon of doubt is a feisty beast
that hardly ever seems to die.

Whenever we're tormented by this beast
that  Satan has let inside
We fear to move or breathe or talk:
our very courage runs outside
We cry, we weep, we struggle to hope:
we question the Heavens above
Moments like this we fear the worst
and experience what hell is made of.

Like the  seasons of time that come to pass
these moments will have to go
Don't give up the hope that's deep inside
cling tightly to the God you know
Don't be afraid of the "not knowing land"
in which you may seem to be
For beyond  the darkness of all this doubt
is the Creator of you and me

Quiet moments deep inside you

Quiet moments deep inside you far away from all the noise
In that silence you can listen to your angels loving voice
Not with multi-worded wisdom will the angel speak to you
But in gentle sounds like music messages will come right through

Put aside some tiny  moments from everything that you must do
And you'll find that inner stillness that the Eternal has for you
In that space untouched by mortals so beloved by the Great Above
You will hear those secret murmurings that inspire your heart to love.

Hush now all those noisy musings; quiet down your raging soul
Let the angelic choir lift you: it sings forever of your goal
Peace and happiness, rest eternal, forever in that Infinite place
Every time you stop to listen you'll be flooded with Eternal grace

Friday, October 26, 2012

One dance

With words unspoken the earth relates
The secrets overflowing from Heavenly gates
Unsung by  the humans or angelic ones
Creation is singing the river that runs.

Purest of waters that quenches the soul
Are leading it onward towards one goal:
Infinity of happiness and endless bliss
Wisdom is delivering eternity's kiss.

Carried by  torrents forever unseen
The universe is guided; know what I mean?
Nothing by accident or happening by chance
Everything's created to complete one dance.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

May angels be beside you

 May angels be beside you on this journey you will take
And may they always inspire you in each decision you will make
May they help you remember all the things  you need to say
And when your hope is failing may they direct your way

May your guardian angels bring true answers to your mind
And whenever you are struggling may they help you to be kind
May every time you're tempted to quarrel or to fret
May they bring you gentleness that helps you to forget

May these guardian spirits keep you tranquil deep inside
And whenever you are angry may they smother all your pride
May these angel beings bring you messages most dear
And whenever you are troubled may  they keep you ever near

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Let's listen...

Soothing is the sound of the breeze that's passing by
She calls out with persistance and challenges you and I
There's so much to be discovered in this awakening day
Listen, if you are willing; so much wisdom's on the way.

How gently falls the morning dew on everything around
Moistening the thirsty earth she whispers her sweet sound.
Mystery is in  the rising sun that touches one and all
The universe is waking up and nourishing great and small.

Ancestral voices from long ago are riding in the air
Reminding us of important things that escape us unaware
We don't want to miss the messages  hidden in the sky
So let us slow our paces down and not let them pass us by.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Countless hosts of angels

In the middle of the night while all are asleep
Countless hosts of angels in careful vigil keep
Guard over their charges assigned from God above
Sweet are the whispers that they exchange in love.

If one is so lucky to be awakened from one's rest
Perhaps one might come upon one of these winged guests
Who stand beside us always in the night and in the day
How precious is the wisdom that they drop along the way

Next time you find the night is noisier than you care
And sleep has left you early: breathe in some heavenly air
For there within the silence, in the darkness all around:
Angels will come forward and sanctify each sound.

Monday, October 22, 2012

They, who protect us

Silent the sound of the angels on call
Who watch and who wait to catch all who fall
Gentle the touch of their wings on our face
Whenever they bring us some special grace

They who protect us are so near and so far
Hiding their glory they shine like a star
Quicker than lightening yet slower to leave
They whisper inside us and help us believe

Angels are companions who never depart
Their love is forever and warms every heart
Blessed the being who passes each day
Speaking to angels without great display

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The process

When one is struggling for a glimpse of light
And everything is darkened by the passing night
When all who should be helpful create  misery
Tears break the silence and invite clarity..

How painful the process that changes everything
Healing cannot happen without some severing
Like earthly physicians who cut away disease
The eternal has methods and  mystic surgery

Things that are useless, harmful to the mind
Must be uprooted quickly and then left behind
Clinging to tightly to that which can destroy
Will hinder one's vision and prohibit  joy.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Do I live?

Do I live and  have life inside?
I was questioned by some outside.
But, what is life and what is love
If one's not united to God above

It's not in things or in cash flow
Or in the number of people I know
It's not in  the clutter or in some bank
Or in the display of some worldly rank.

Life is much more then an act or thing
Its inside the spirit  of everything
and  the measure of life is not outside
But deep within and tends to hide.

Friday, October 19, 2012


The sound of the crickets chirping sets my morning pace
I refuse to be taken up with the rest of the world's race
Rising up real early I'm getting ready for my new day
Please help me dearest Jesus, be my Light along the way

The wisdom of this world grows more pale in God's light
While symphonies around me give me inspirational height
Inside the silent stillness I find my focus and can see
That that which held me captive can no longer conquer me

I do not have to accept every fable that's passing by
Or listen to the taunts that rejoice whenever I cry
I'm not obliged to anyone and I'm not what others say
I am a child of God and won't be anything else today.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hurtful words

This morning all the clouds were thick and thunder began to sound
Flashes of lightning were dancing about and rain was all around
The effects of trauma were felt inside and all the teardrops fell
Today will be a difficult day but I'll handle it all so well.

Sometimes its hard to make a smile when things are going wrong
And hard it is to  live in hope when  the waiting has been so long
So many there are who counsel us that we need to let it all go
But fail to see the root that clings is much deeper than they know

Don't be so quick to counsel when you're not even able to see
Or quick to judge the tears unless you can see with empathy
Too many times we're saying the things that make us  proud outside
Instead of thinking of how our words are affecting others inside

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Just before dawn

In the early hours of the morning just before the light
The silence is singing sweetly of the passing night
Stars are shining brightly and whispering as they say
We'll guide you through the darkness and all will be okay.

Just enough of  moonlight is illuminating  the way
so that the creatures of the night can be seen as they play
And though the shadows linger and are touching all around
We know that in a short moment the morning birds will sound.

Around us is that mystery that separation of  all time
That will open up through the sounding of the rising poets rhyme
And all that seemed so hidden and so obscured by the night
Will be revealed in an instant and be transformed into light

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Golden leaves are slowly falling

Golden leaves are slowly falling on the cooling autumn ground
Mother earth is gently sighing "winter's coming" is her sound
All around the trees are shaking off the summers sweet attire
A certain silence starts creating what the winter will require

Birds are chirping out their melody, singing of the warmer days
They will always find within them songs of love and gentle praise
Chilly breezes start appearing touching softly from the start
But the winds will quickly freeze and we'll feel cold inside our heart

Seasons changing and arranging all the world that is outside
We have a vision of the autumn which carries somberness inside.
If we're listening, deeply listening, we can also seem to hear
Songs of beauty from the autumn; change is nothing we should fear.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Every moment

Every moment is a new beginning that awakens when we arise
And brings us to that threshold of  the Creator of the skies
Every breath that we're taking, every particle of the air
Is a pathway to the Eternal, a vehicle of quiet prayer.

So we must not be  so wasteful. so ignorant of the price
That comes with every heartbeat, and all our earthly sighs
We're in the land of promise,  so many treasures are  at hand
If we could only see them,  then we'd  begin to  understand

But our vision is so limited and our hearing is so dull
We've allowed the worldly minded  to take away our lull
We're no longer in  the Maker, or in the Infinitely Divine
But rather go on groveling in  the land of me and mine

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Courage through the storm

Stormy weather has approached us; we're feeling quite afraid
The winds are blowing harshly and great violence is displayed
Somewhere in our world there's someone nurturing negativity
And so our mother earth is upset and her turbulence we see.

The lightning's flashing brightly and is lighting up the sky
It is  not the type of glow that is sought after by you and I
For the universe is crying; she's flooded with many tears
And mother nature is partaking of everyone's hidden fears.

Even in all the tempests and the roughly blowing breeze
We're protected by our Maker  our  world He surely sees
For He who created flowers and the gently flowing rain
Has control of all the weather the calm will return again.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Encounter with Heaven

The ocean's sounding in the distance before the morning star begins to rise
It's majestic voice is speaking; I can hear it conversing with the skies
How deeply touching to the spirit: the sound of crashing waves on the shore
Let me linger here a while longer: the breezes have need to tell me more.

Just a sliver of the moon is showing; a shining star is glowing  above
Angelic voices are heard humming with the sweetness of God's love
How I love these precious moments: all the rest of the world is still asleep
I can taste the tender providence every sacred moment would have me keep.

If you have within you the spirit that is calling you to become still
Do not hesitate to surrender to the ONE who will teach your  will
No one else can ever do it for you or give you courage to go inside
Only you can decide the timing and receive what He wants to provide.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Seeing what the Eternal Sees

I open up my eyes after a long and restful night
And listen to the creatures as they serenade the light
Morning has finally wakened and shared with me her grace
How truly blessed I am by the beauty that's taking place

Everything that is around me is aglow with purest light
And the sounds from mother earth are surely a delight
Nothing is ever too tiny and nothing is ever too small
That it cannot serve to lift me to the creator of us all

We are all so interconnected; we are breathing the same air
Where ever the Spirit is moving the Eternal one is there
How beautiful it is to know that we're  sharing the same breath
We've been connected from our birth and will continue after death

Thursday, October 11, 2012

So many blessings

How quietly the morning is entering into our space
While angels start dropping their tiny moments of grace
We are hearing all the music that the universe wants to sing
Creation is gently waking  and there's beauty in everything

The trees tell  the story that the wind has decided to share
While leaves are gently falling and leaving colors  everywhere
How tenderly the breeze is whispering, waking up the infant day
Come now and enjoy us are what the elements seem to say

we have before us always all the blessings so  divine
We can not help but notice how everything seems to shine
Each day creates a mystery that is open  for all to see
We are all so cordially invited to take part in history.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

We have this urgent need

Inside us we have this urgent need, this inkling that is so Divine:
To be lost inside another space, where time isn't able to confine;
And so we go about seeking for more in all the emptiness that's outside
Not realizing that the treasures that we seek are hidden deep down inside.

How long will we run after all those things that will quickly pass away;
When will we ever become satisfied with that which will forever stay?
Why would we ever allow the world to  boast of having captivated our mind
So that we come to be most at home with all the finite things that we find?

We weren't ever meant to  stay in this place which is endless futility
But we were destined from our very birth to live inside the Divinity.
So why do we hunger after things simply because they have some shine
We are far greater than this all: we are the wisdom of the Great Divine.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

On the journey

Seeking for some answers; seeking for a way
I awaken to a morning with a brand new day
I'm silencing my being and silencing my will
This is my sacred moment, all the world is still

No one knows my secrets, no one sees my pain
Only the Eternal, can fathom all I contain.
Pushing ever forward inside my fragile frame
Others see me coming; no one knows my name.

Just a humble traveler, struggling on the way
Looking for some direction: and a forever stay
Nothing is familiar and nothing is just right
But I'm sure to find my welcome in Your place of Light

Monday, October 8, 2012

In the stillness of the morning

There is a stillness every morning that is awaiting you and me
We can choose to, if we want to, to take part in this mystery
There is an awesomeness in the waking within that Heart Divine
We are all here working together to create for Him a  shrine.

With every movement of our actions and with every word that we say
We are creating, without knowing, an enormous temple of our day
Where the Infinite Awesome Maker of all  the universes and the stars
Can talk with us a moment about our successes and our scars.

We will never be able to understand it: the greatness of who we are
If we are not creating bridges to that Eternity so close and far
With everything  that we are doing. we are needing to find some time
To communicate with the One who has created our being and our rhyme.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

In the morning

Sounds in the morning are starting to ring across the slowly waking land
And creating a melody and a poem that all creation can surely understand
All the creatures of the daylight are beginning to scamper here and there
While all the choirs of the heavenly angels are permeating all the air

Inside the silence of your being and in all that is all around you
You can hear the sacred echoes that the creator is sending through
Inside the center of every creature and flowing from the heights above
Is the sweetness of the Eternal who is showing us all how to love

So let us be grateful for all things living and for the air we breathe
For it is the expression most appropriate for all that we do receive
With all that's in us and around us We can always find fitting praise
For the Creator and the Sustainer of every one of our earthly days.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

When children have to run away

The little girl, she was looking for someone to finally understand
And the little boy was hoping that someone would take his shaking hand
They were both running from a place that they were both so very afraid of
And it should have been the only place that they'd run to for needed love

Two little souls just running free into a world they don't even seem to know
How far would their little feet be carrying them; how far would they even go
It's a terrible thing when the little ones don't even feel alright in their own place:
And that they should be afraid to come home from school is a terrible disgrace

Our world is so full of broken ones but how many of them are children so small
Why is it even a reality that these little ones should even have to cry at all
Children are suppose to be our future hope and the caretakers of tomorrow's dream
They should never have to run away from home or hide in some corner and scream.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Tiny Whispers in the Darkness

Tiny whispers in the darkness from the messengers of the Light
Echoing deeply, reminding sweetly:"everything is going to be alright".
They're so watchful and so faithful; sure to help us along life's way:
If we're prudent and responsive; we'll be known as the glow of day.

Hear them singing from their portals: carefully hidden from eyes below
They're the warriors of the Eternal: hear their music's continuous flow?
Oh the wonder and the pleasure: we're lost in the endless things Divine:
Others marvel at the surrender that has enabled us to become a shrine.

We are the echo from the Heavens; in our lives we continue to go
Wherever the spirit of the Infinite directs us with the inner know.
How important, then, to be listening: how important: the sounds so deep;
For in every whispering, every murmuring: comes the Will of God to keep.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The mystery of sleep

There is beauty in each moment of our nightly rest
In it is given the energy we need for our earthly test
Through it comes the Whispers that are so truly Divine
We awaken refreshed and like vessels holding sacred wine.

Sometimes we miss out on the wisdom that comes through sleep
And  the evil enemy casts us into some trauma that is so  deep
For we are found fighting the tempests that he throws our way
As an effort to cause some disturbance for our coming day.

So we must prepares ourselves for the nightly rest we will take
And not embrace it like some routine that we must daily make
For it is a channel through which can come the secrets so divine
And by which the  angels carry messages from the heavenly shrine

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The demon of darkness

The demon of darkness he never sleeps
In secret and trouble he always creeps
Master of mischief wielder of the lie
Satan rejoices in making others cry

Divider of families,breaker of homes
The evil crusader so carefully roams
Looking for entries, instigating upset
The awful deceiver instills his regret

While walking in shadows and using his net
Hells awful angel is still murmuring yet
We are his rivals while walking in light
we can resist him but it isn't our fight.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


There are moments when the night,speaks to us of day
And whispers to our hearts the hints of another way.
So, while we're reaching around, not able yet to see:
The shadows we once feared shout out: just let us be

For in the deepest silence: the darkest point of night
Something awesome happens, we catch a glimpse of light.
The darkness vanishes before us; and we acquire ability.
We see with Eden's eyes; and we're touched by Divinity.

No words are ever exchanged; no movements even made.
We remain inside a realm that time hasn't yet displayed
Between Heaven and earth: inside what appears unreal;
We come to know the reality behind all we think and feel.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Peaceful murmurings

Peaceful murmurings from the universe awaken everything around
And gentle creatures sing their melodies what a beautiful sound
worldly musings all pail quickly before this symphony so divine
Truly  moving and transforming : all the earth becomes a shrine

No need for music from the radio or tv sounds to touch the mind
For mother earth has hid her messages in all the beauty that we find
If we will pause for just a moment as we're starting off our day
We will hear the sounds of creation it has so much it wants to say

Don't hurry off into the motions without taking time to be very still
For in the silence of your inner being God is whispering to your will
Reminding you of all things beautiful and the secrets of His way
Never let the sound of money replace the meaning of each Day.