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Friday, September 21, 2012

When I am in my last moments

When I am in my last moments and am struggling to fly to the Heavens above
I sure hope I will have finally succeeded in my endeavor to promote love
I wont care if I have made it to the front page or have possession of a fancy new car
But I will consider it my greatest accomplishment to have touched others both near and far

So don't speak to me of all the latest fashions or of mansions that glitter and shine
But do tell me, if you can; how  I can successfully, perfect this poor heart  of mine
Lead me into the pathways most certain to bring others a most genuinely warm smile
And this I will value more than anything: making my life seem like it was all worthwhile

I know this may all seem so morbid: to think of death while there's so  much time to live;
But I feel that displaying my goal before others, is the most precious gift I can ever give;
For I'm not needing the things of this world to make my life successful or even complete
I'd  rather have had the simple satisfaction of being  able to love everyone that I meet.


  1. Your poems and blog touch everyone you meet through this avenue. You help others already. Thank you.

  2. Dear "Behind the Smile" I am happy to know that somehow I am able to help others.. even if through writing a poem: Blessings .Joy


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