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Saturday, September 22, 2012

They never knew

They didn't even know, that the mother we all shared:
Abused me and hurt me and never really cared
Though I didn't make it public or even run away;
So many times I was tempted, and didn't want to stay.

I was stuck with a mask: mother church put on me
I kept all things silent, till I was finally free:
Then in a feeble effort to grasp some sanctity,
I joined some "holy ones" who were devilish as can be.

No matter where I turned,the church I  once knew
Was ever more frightening: I questioned what to do
For so long, I was mislead: by doctrines and by law;
But then, became instructed by realities that I saw.

We were being brainwashed to surrender how we feel
To become a holy saint one must suffer a great deal
How could a loving God be behind such a way
I can no longer accept it: this is all I can say.

As a little child, they told me saints would never cry;
And suffering was something holy: so I must always try
To keep my sufferings hidden and never ever tell
That I was being beaten or I would go to Hell.

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  1. Religion rules but this is not Christianity. God is misrepresented by many people and churches. How my heart is heavy when those who suffer are told to keep quiet and told they should expect to suffer. So wrong, Jesus would never condone abuse in any form.


Thank you for your comment.. you are dear to me.. I will reply to this comment