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Friday, September 21, 2012

The gift of "me "

You just got back from shopping the mall; and lots of stuff is in your mind
Though you looked and looked down every aisle, the right gift you couldnt find
You bought alot of this and that; but, still  feel like nothing's just the right thing
Should you be going back  tomorrow, and looking for something more to bring?

Despite all the fancy bows you've made;all that glittering paper you've  found
The gift you have inside your hand is nowhere near the best one around
You sigh  and sigh and wonder  why: after hours and hours in the ole mall
You couldn't find the very best there is: something to boast of on your call.

So why do you even shop and shop, to find what isn't able to say it all
Do you not feel inspired from within to listen to your own spirit's call
It's not necessary to spend and spend, when what's necessary is deep inside:
Why give your money for what's not your own , to some unknown person outside

Dig deep into your own storage bins: they're filled from Heaven above
And give the gift that no money can buy, a gift thats wrapped  with love
Create something that's truly original  and then give it with simplicity
Telling the recipient  "you mean so much, that I'm giving you  "the gift of me".

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