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Thursday, September 20, 2012

My angel dream

An angel took me by the hand; and whispered: come with me:
We will walk a little while and see what we can see.
People were walking everywhere, people of every kind
I pondered deep within in myself: what does he have in mind.

As we were walking by every soul I was able to  hear
Every persons deepest thoughts they were loud and clear
One was thinking about his kids; another: her bills to pay.
Still another was wondering why his cancer wouldnt go away

Every one was thinking in such a way that I heard it all inside
I was so moved by what I had learned: I simply cried and cried
The angel had asked me if I knew why we were walking that way
But I wasn't able to express myself or find the right words to say

He pointed again to everyone and said that they weren't really so near
But that everyone  I had just walked by "were miles and miles from here"
I was only allowed to hear such things so that I would come to know
That every person has some worries along the path that they must go.

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