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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Listen and be still

Listen to your heart, beating deep inside
Calling you to places hid from all outside.
Listen and be still; and do not be afraid:
Many are the mysteries secretly displayed.

Listen to the silence speaking without voice
Directing you to places: leaving you a choice.
Come to that Oasis where everything is pure
Inside it you will find that much needed cure.

Listen if you will; there is so much to hear
Deep inside your being: releasing every fear.
Only the truly silent will ever come to see
Everything has meaning, everything is free.

Listen to these words; listen and be still
God will touch your being and direct your will
Do not run away or crowd your soul with noise
Listen to the silence; in it is His voice


  1. Love this song. Joy I think God speaks to me through your poetry. Last night I could not sleep was 2.30am and I was writing in my journal. I prayed and it came to mind that I should just sit in silence and listen for God and do that more often. Then today I come by your blog and that is your message in your beautiful worded poem as always. Thank you, it was a like gentle reminder from God. I really hope one day soon you put all your poems in a book I can purchase. Blessings.

  2. Behind the Smile.. I feel there are reasons that I don't always know that a topic comes to me for writing. I hear it inside and then I start to write.. Sometimes someone may ask me to write something or other times something someone says gets me thinking; but mostly I waken and thoughts come right away. I try to write each morning. Sometimes there may be a second poem in the day . There is always at least one. IT's all about listening inside and then writing it out for the blog. THank you for your kind words.. i am hoping you are feeling better? Joy


Thank you for your comment.. you are dear to me.. I will reply to this comment