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Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor day weather

The rain is falling softly after a stormy night
Clouds are holding meetings: limiting the light
Day has finally wakened but the sun is left behind
Labor day: good morning, see what you can find.

Thunder keeps on rolling across the darkened skies
The earth is keeping vigil; Heaven simply cries.
Watering all the plants and trees that are below:
The rain is in forecast and  moving mighty slow.

Some may call it awful: all this falling rain
But that's just a perspective: solutions still remain
We can jump in puddles and try to catch them all:
Every single droplet that from the Heavens fall.

The sunshine would be nicer for  doing things outside
But the rain doesn't mean we have to stay inside
It's all in how we perceive it: the situation  out there
We can stay inside or look for rainbows every where

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