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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

For a moment of each morning

For a moment of each morning would you pause and be very still?
Would you be willing to let  creation motivate your will?
Can you hear the tenderness of morning, whispering in the breeze?
The quiet rays of sunshine: see them dancing through the trees?

An array of cheerful colors are glistening with the morning dew.
How much time do you have when you awaken, to ponder such a view?
Do you have it within your agenda, to welcome the beauty of each day?
If you were asked to describe each sunrise, what would you have to say?

Have you been sleeping through the hours, which could inspire you?
What would a few extra quiet moments enable your creativity to do?
It's not only for the poets: all of this beauty that's on display
Each person can find something of value at the dawning of each day


  1. I do enjoy God's creation. The sky is my favorite love story. At fourteen Jesus gave me this wonderful fascination with the sky. I smile reading this poem Joy. I was at my window admiring the sky one day and a humming bird came right up to the window as if it was coming for a personal visit. Even now listening to the night sounds is absolutely the best. I love all of nature and how our Creator uses it to speak love and calmness to our souls. Thank you my friend for sharing your poems. I know I say thanks all the time but it's only my true expression of how grateful I am for you. I hope you have a pleasant night. Love you Joy....RiRi

  2. Hello Dear Riri what a blessing it is when you chance to come across my blog.. sometimes its quite flowery at other times quite stormy but the blog is always what I have known .. I am happy you find the voice of the Divine speaking through all creation .. Hope you are well?


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