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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Being there for someone who is struggling

Someone told me that they were broken and couldn't take it any more
And they asked me about living and why life was worth living for
Someone told me. that this was the end: they no longer wanted to be
They wanted out of this life: this is what someone told to me

I took to heart what they were saying with tearfilled eyes
And I begged for wisdom from the Creator of the beautiful skies
What do I do for someone. who's so broken that they have no will to be
Tell me what to do with all these words they've told to me?

Who am I, but someone who is struggling like this broken one
I have had my moment when everything was coming undone
My friend is hurting and considering things that shouldn't be
Tell me what to do: how to handle what someone has told to me...

Solution: tell them:

Think of the people who would be hurt if this should ever took place
How this type of leaving would create memories no one could erase
Think of the remaining people who didn't know that this could ever be
Imagine their faces and think again about what you've  told to me.

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