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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The best time in the world..

The best time in the world to think and to understand
Is right before the dawn while the darkness is still at hand
There's something very sobering about the calmness of the night
It speaks to us of God's mystery and leads us into the Light

While the stars are sparking and dancing across the sky
One can hear the sound of angels, if one's willing to try
Their voices are so subtle, and sound like a flowing stream.
They watch us in the morning and through our nightly dream

We have so much before us: from morning unto night
So its so very important to start our days our right
In those silent moments with the Eternal One above
Our hearts receive instruction and we're taught to love.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's raining

The heavens are letting all its waters pour down
A nice gentle flow of an ever healing sound
No thunder or lightning just a sweet sounding  rain
Relief for the universe and a solace for pain.

How wonderfully thoughtful our loving God is
He opens His portals to shower us with bliss.
Rain in this fashion is creative as can be
Such awe and such wonder, such deep mystery

How are you affected by the downpour of rain
Is it welcoming and healing a rescue from pain
Do you feel it inside you though it is outside
What thoughts are thinking deep down inside

The cost of caring

People are so hungry, Lord; but food fails to satisfy
Many children are crying Lord, but people pass them by
All the world is hurting, Lord; but, what am I to do
Endless are the sighs that I keep sending up to You

Some have been so broken, Lord; and many do not care
Countless are the needy, Lord; but many will not share
We are a very wealthy world but many are so poor
Tell me why, my dearest Lord, I can't take it any more.

why don't those who have enough reach out to those in need
Why don't the wealthy surprise us all by letting go of greed
There shouldn't be a hungry soul or a child who cannot smile
What would it cost if everyone would stop and care awhile?

Friday, September 28, 2012

Before the dawn

Close your eyes a while and listen to the silent sound
Creation is still  sleeping and  darkness is all around
The universe is sounding out as she   rises from her sleep
The melody of the dawn tells of treasures we can keep.

As the day is breaking and the morning star arises
Creatures of the day are making ready sweet surprises
Early birds are chirping; making music with their song
Mother earth is getting ready for the day to come along.

Gentle fluffs of cloud are giving texture to the sky
While countless hosts of angels are letting out a sigh
All the world is radiant with the glow from Heaven above
Every creature is receiving the breath of Eternal love

Thursday, September 27, 2012

As morning awakens

Crawling through the darkness, a tiny ray of light,
Signals the break of dawn; and the end of  night.
Whispering through the shadows: waking up the trees,
A gentle stream of wind announces the morning breeze.

Nocturnal creatures are napping;early birds arise:
Gentle splashes of blue are dancing across the skies.
Glistening drops of sunshine fall upon the earth;
Another day is nearing, she is ready to give birth.

So much to be discovered, so much there is to see
We are all cordially invited into life's mystery
Will we have the courage;or will we have the time?
Creation is now awaking: let us listen to her rhyme.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Everything has its time

As the morning is breaking and day starts to create a rhyme;
All creation is reminding us, that everything has its time.
Nothing ever dies forever; and everything will once more rise.
The flower that wilts today; tomorrow will touch the skies.

Everything has its moment; and everyone their time to shine.
Today may be your awakening; and tomorrow might be mine.
Don't hold too tightly to anything: be ever ready to let go.
The universe is always teaching us, the stuff we need to know.

Watch now as you are walking and see the shivering tree:
The winter is holding it captive; but, spring will set it free
There are in life those moments when all we can do is cry
But there are also the victories and the days of bright blue sky.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why did it have to happen in Therapy?

An anniversary is nearing which I wish would go away
Memories of my upset are drawing pictures of that day
A year has disappeared and yet I still cannot believe
That such had actually happened: I'm finding it hard to breathe

I think of my dear angel: how she's helped me through the year
So why does this painful memory keep on trying to interfere.
Could it be because that someone was given the right to see
My deep and hidden feelings because I trusted in her degree

Why would she ever had led me with so much skill at hand
I keep on asking myself because I still don't  understand
I've tried and tried to forget it but my mind won't even rest
Because when I had chosen her: I thought I was choosing the best

I  had opened to her my woundedness and let her see inside
She told me "we were in this together" then it all up and died
No time was there for preparations:it ended  so  ruthlessly
perhaps she has wounded me more than anyone in my own history?

So I've written out my every feeling about that dreadful  day
Hoping that by calling it out it may somehow go away
By releasing outside the facets that made up this memory
I'm hoping others will be selective when choosing therapy

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Call

Sometimes we find that apart from the noise
We hear the whispers that invite a choice
Will we be responding and entering within
Or return right back to the routine we're in?

Something mysterious keeps tugging inside,
Breaking through barriers of noise outside:
Calling us to visions that we cannot see,
Opening up doors of great possibility

To places unseen we are invited to go
With people unfamiliar we learn to grow
Following an echo of something Divine
We are the Eternal One's chosen shrine.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Being there for someone who is struggling

Someone told me that they were broken and couldn't take it any more
And they asked me about living and why life was worth living for
Someone told me. that this was the end: they no longer wanted to be
They wanted out of this life: this is what someone told to me

I took to heart what they were saying with tearfilled eyes
And I begged for wisdom from the Creator of the beautiful skies
What do I do for someone. who's so broken that they have no will to be
Tell me what to do with all these words they've told to me?

Who am I, but someone who is struggling like this broken one
I have had my moment when everything was coming undone
My friend is hurting and considering things that shouldn't be
Tell me what to do: how to handle what someone has told to me...

Solution: tell them:

Think of the people who would be hurt if this should ever took place
How this type of leaving would create memories no one could erase
Think of the remaining people who didn't know that this could ever be
Imagine their faces and think again about what you've  told to me.

When you are down...

When you are down and you are finding it hard to smile
Think of your uniqueness, your you-ness for just a  while
You are precious: from the early dawn till the dark of night.
Breathing continuously, you never leave the Creative Light.

From the moment you waken, you are doing what is yours to do
You are moving and talking;and being all that it is to be you
In your presence others are always feeling that special quality
That is yours alone and makes you important to all humanity.

Don't let life's troubles cause you to stumble along the way
You can be victorious even in the grips of the  darkest day
When storms come and are causing disturbance inside you
Anchor down and stay loyal to yourself no matter what you do.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

They never knew

They didn't even know, that the mother we all shared:
Abused me and hurt me and never really cared
Though I didn't make it public or even run away;
So many times I was tempted, and didn't want to stay.

I was stuck with a mask: mother church put on me
I kept all things silent, till I was finally free:
Then in a feeble effort to grasp some sanctity,
I joined some "holy ones" who were devilish as can be.

No matter where I turned,the church I  once knew
Was ever more frightening: I questioned what to do
For so long, I was mislead: by doctrines and by law;
But then, became instructed by realities that I saw.

We were being brainwashed to surrender how we feel
To become a holy saint one must suffer a great deal
How could a loving God be behind such a way
I can no longer accept it: this is all I can say.

As a little child, they told me saints would never cry;
And suffering was something holy: so I must always try
To keep my sufferings hidden and never ever tell
That I was being beaten or I would go to Hell.

The tears on your face...

The tears on your face tell me you have had enough
Your struggles have been too many your journey has been rough
Don't allow the careless to continue to push you around
Let go of all those heartaches; all the sorrow you have found

Let go of all that sadness, send if off with all those tears.
Hold nothing bad inside you; release all those painful years.
The crying is quite  healthy; but, you must let it all outside
Then once you have released it, let nothing back inside.

Take in a healing breath now; and then, slowly set it free.
With every breath you're releasing, let out the negativity
Inhale all thats deserving; let it replace  the bad inside
Exhale again the disappointments; send the awful stuff outside.

You don't have to be ashamed of the moments you have wept
No one has ever seen all the sorrows you have carefully kept
So let out all those frustrations and let our all your grief
When you have finally finished your soul will know relief.

Friday, September 21, 2012

When I am in my last moments

When I am in my last moments and am struggling to fly to the Heavens above
I sure hope I will have finally succeeded in my endeavor to promote love
I wont care if I have made it to the front page or have possession of a fancy new car
But I will consider it my greatest accomplishment to have touched others both near and far

So don't speak to me of all the latest fashions or of mansions that glitter and shine
But do tell me, if you can; how  I can successfully, perfect this poor heart  of mine
Lead me into the pathways most certain to bring others a most genuinely warm smile
And this I will value more than anything: making my life seem like it was all worthwhile

I know this may all seem so morbid: to think of death while there's so  much time to live;
But I feel that displaying my goal before others, is the most precious gift I can ever give;
For I'm not needing the things of this world to make my life successful or even complete
I'd  rather have had the simple satisfaction of being  able to love everyone that I meet.

The gift of "me "

You just got back from shopping the mall; and lots of stuff is in your mind
Though you looked and looked down every aisle, the right gift you couldnt find
You bought alot of this and that; but, still  feel like nothing's just the right thing
Should you be going back  tomorrow, and looking for something more to bring?

Despite all the fancy bows you've made;all that glittering paper you've  found
The gift you have inside your hand is nowhere near the best one around
You sigh  and sigh and wonder  why: after hours and hours in the ole mall
You couldn't find the very best there is: something to boast of on your call.

So why do you even shop and shop, to find what isn't able to say it all
Do you not feel inspired from within to listen to your own spirit's call
It's not necessary to spend and spend, when what's necessary is deep inside:
Why give your money for what's not your own , to some unknown person outside

Dig deep into your own storage bins: they're filled from Heaven above
And give the gift that no money can buy, a gift thats wrapped  with love
Create something that's truly original  and then give it with simplicity
Telling the recipient  "you mean so much, that I'm giving you  "the gift of me".

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My angel dream

An angel took me by the hand; and whispered: come with me:
We will walk a little while and see what we can see.
People were walking everywhere, people of every kind
I pondered deep within in myself: what does he have in mind.

As we were walking by every soul I was able to  hear
Every persons deepest thoughts they were loud and clear
One was thinking about his kids; another: her bills to pay.
Still another was wondering why his cancer wouldnt go away

Every one was thinking in such a way that I heard it all inside
I was so moved by what I had learned: I simply cried and cried
The angel had asked me if I knew why we were walking that way
But I wasn't able to express myself or find the right words to say

He pointed again to everyone and said that they weren't really so near
But that everyone  I had just walked by "were miles and miles from here"
I was only allowed to hear such things so that I would come to know
That every person has some worries along the path that they must go.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

For a moment of each morning

For a moment of each morning would you pause and be very still?
Would you be willing to let  creation motivate your will?
Can you hear the tenderness of morning, whispering in the breeze?
The quiet rays of sunshine: see them dancing through the trees?

An array of cheerful colors are glistening with the morning dew.
How much time do you have when you awaken, to ponder such a view?
Do you have it within your agenda, to welcome the beauty of each day?
If you were asked to describe each sunrise, what would you have to say?

Have you been sleeping through the hours, which could inspire you?
What would a few extra quiet moments enable your creativity to do?
It's not only for the poets: all of this beauty that's on display
Each person can find something of value at the dawning of each day

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Angels all around you

Do not be afraid; you have angels watching over you.
They will be your guardians; they're present in all you do.
They will be your lights when you cannot see the way
Relax,for you are protected throughout the night and day

Angels are all around you so you do not have to fear
Whenever you are stumbling they are drawing ever near
When you heart is saddened by all the burdens of the day
Angels will quickly send you friends with the right words to say.

Nothing can ever harm you with all your angels by your side
For though you cannot see them they're battling evil that's outside
At times you may feel abandoned but you never really are
For where ever you may be; your guardian angels are never far.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Not everyday is wonderful

Sometimes the days are burdensome: nothing turns out right
The clouds may seem to linger on and darken all in sight
Stumbling through the hours you may be longing for relief
A simple drop of kindness might help sweeten all your grief.

Not every day is wonderful: it simply turns out that way
There will always be a mixture in what happens every day
For life is made of many things: there is the good and bad
people will make us happy; and they will also make us sad.

For those of you who read this; and have had some sorrow today:
I'm sending a virtual greeting over to brighten up your way.
I too have known the heartaches and the broken moments too
So I'm wishing that all the angels will bring something over for you.

The Cricket's song

Dearest crickets, don't you know; that the night has gone away
What keeps you all achirping: your humming fills the day.
Usually with the morning you are all quickly off to sleep
What keeps your music going with such melodies so deep.

Perhaps you have been commissioned by the One who made the sky
To play your happy music until the clouds have all passed by
Whatever be your reasoning your music is really dear
I'm glad that you keep on chirping; thank you for being near

I have to go  now crickets but will listen happily
Keep right on playing your music from your awesome symphony
There is healing in your melody and peace within your song
I'll never tire of hearing you though I must be moving on.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Music That We Here

Isn't it simply wonderful the music that we hear
Announcing night is over and morning's drawing near
Before the sunlight breaks through and darkness slips away
Listen to the melodies that announce the break of day.

What does the evening sound like or the rising sun
Have you ever tried to describe it: relate it to anyone?
The beautiful sound of nature and the gentleness of sleep:
What words would you surrender? What words would you keep?

The soothing sound of the universe and everything outside
Pours sweetly into our being if we open up from inside
Everything's gently singing everything sharing its song
Will we continue as usual or attempt to sing along

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hidden from our eyes

You glance into the morning and never really see
All the beauty and the wonder wrapped up in mystery
The whispers of creation goes unheard by one and all
It takes a little effort to hear the Eternal's call

It echoes in the wind and is riding on the breeze
It shakes the tiny seedling and bends the mighty trees
The wisdom of the Infinite is hidden from our eyes
Yet it carries all our sighing to a place beyond the skies.

If we are really open to the spirit that is Divine
We will come to know ourselves as a living  shrine
Each of us is a vessel through which graces can freely flow
Our lives will  be an echo of the God we've come to know .

Please, stop, mommy...

My pillow is drenched with teardrops that you have caused me to shed
You wounded my fragile body and have put distrust inside my head
I'm shivering as I struggle to find some quiet moments to sleep
I'm thinking about you mommy and these scars that go so deep.

When I'm wakened by the sunlight there are wounds all over me
I'm wondering how much longer they can pretend that they don't see
Day after day I'm having to  silence all the hurts I hold inside
I go to school and am wondering if anyone sees what I have to hide.

I'm wanting so much to tell you how much you've hurt me so
But I'm fearing your angry wrath so I am having to let it go
Please pity me my dearest mommy:  stop this beating up on me
I'm your little child though you may never have wanted me to be.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Heaven Calls

Listen oh my children to my calling deep within
Hear my gentle whisperings its time that we begin
To shape this ailing world with the healing in our hands
Restoring our exiled sister, gentle peace,  to warring lands.

Too often we are so busy that we cannot stop and care
But now the call is certain and is echoing everywhere
Put aside your warring weapons and  put on the cloth of love
Soon you will see the angels carrying messages from above.

With all the noise around us can we even start to hear
What the Eternal Father has been whispering in every ear
People have been hurting and are so unwilling to understand
Behold the Heavenly choir all hold trumpets in their hand.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

When you came into my life

You came into my life like a star bringing light
Your kindness and care helped me see things aright
Though darkness was present, you made things so clear
Thank you dear guardian for your protection most dear.

I was walking without hope and you pulled me aside;
Promising to assist me: you became my true guide.
Instructing me and correcting me: you directed my ways
Now I walk hopefully: despite the cloudy days.

I'm thinking of that moment, the first time I knew:
You'd be here to guide me with techniques most true
How wonderfully you've taught me and continue to do
I'm thanking our dear God for blessing me with you.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Don't judge

Come inside my world; I'm inviting you: come and see
Before you pass your judgment, your sentence over me
Your glances say much more than your words can ever say
Be careful what you're thinking and all that you display.

You say, you know me better; that you can plainly see
What's ailing me inside and are quick to censor me
But you are really blinded to your own  inability
To see yourself inside and how shallow you can be.

Be open to the fact that what you are seeing outside
Is a shadow of my being and not who I am inside
If you'd only take the time to know the authentic me
You'd find there's so much more that you had failed to see.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You won't hurt me again

From the look in your eyes: the expression on your face
The actions you were expecting had not taken place
You  thought you had conquered me: left me undone
By your  most awful cruelty: the unkind words you spun

Yet, here I am standing: both wounded and sore:
But, you will not be hurting me like that any more
For I've found my firm footing: my true self within
And I'm letting go of you so that my new life can begin

So don't look in my direction or ever call me again
I'm letting go of the negatives  that I had allowed in
From this day going forward till the sun doesn't shine
I won't let anything hurtful into this new heart of mine.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Words heard in the night

Having dealt with the effects of trauma I began to pray
And then went off to sleep and was awakened in this way
Some words kept on repeating and an instrument was played
So I am sharing them with you: below they are displayed:

"I will be your first and I will be your last
I will be your memories : I will be your past
I will be your answers : I will be your way
I will be your everything forget not what I say"

The effects of trauma

Last night I thought of running: putting it all behind
The memories were so haunting: they tormented my mind
Fear was all around me: I was chained to  yesterday
It kept my  feelings captive and chased my hopes away

Terrifying were those moments:  the past took over today
Trauma played back the memories: they wouldn't go away
All seemed to be  hopeless: obstacles were in the way
This really wasn't my present: but, rather, my yesterday

I began to ponder this mystery : happening inside of me
How hurt is continuing to influence everything I see
Everything's not as it seems or is it always how I feel
I must accept that this trauma puts a twist on what is real.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Before the daylight

I opened up the window and let all the universe in
Before everyone had awakened or the morning could begin
I was hearing the song of the cricket: it was beautiful as can be
It spoke to me of the daylight and the truth of harmony

There's something about the darkness that comes before the light:
It's melody seems to whisper that everything's going to be alright.
In the sacred silence that follows comes the seeding of God's will;
And the heart of every creature receives a mandate to fulfill.

We think that we have awakened with ideas all our own
But in truth we are only acting on what God has wisely sown
Everything comes to us as a pure gift from the Heavens above
And ours is the response we're making to revelation of God's love.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Listen and be still

Listen to your heart, beating deep inside
Calling you to places hid from all outside.
Listen and be still; and do not be afraid:
Many are the mysteries secretly displayed.

Listen to the silence speaking without voice
Directing you to places: leaving you a choice.
Come to that Oasis where everything is pure
Inside it you will find that much needed cure.

Listen if you will; there is so much to hear
Deep inside your being: releasing every fear.
Only the truly silent will ever come to see
Everything has meaning, everything is free.

Listen to these words; listen and be still
God will touch your being and direct your will
Do not run away or crowd your soul with noise
Listen to the silence; in it is His voice

Friday, September 7, 2012

Last night in therapy

Last night while in therapy we spoke of a child and a kite
I was asked to imagine how I'd feel if I were in flight
What color kite I'd be; and what I might be seeing below
What a  very peaceful feeling: that  imagining let me know

Then I had to switch: becoming the one who held the string
What feelings did I know as I was watching my kite swing
Immediately I felt the stress of trying to keep up my blue  kite
While the winds decided to stop and put an end to the flight

Sometimes we are like the kite we are happy and so free
We're simply flying around and are peaceful as can be
But if we're trying to hold on while we're trying to take flight
We might come crashing down and things won't turn out right

There's need to be letting go if we're seeking something more
The more we're willing to trust the more easily we'll sore
We cannot be doing both things.. holding on and taking flight
Sometimes we must be willing to let another show us the light

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Changing Seasons

The leaves have been falling, there is a somberness around
Summer is finally departing, and Autumn can be found
Reaching out to Heaven, the trees are almost bare
Earth is smiling sweetly; there are changes everywhere.

Mother nature dresses down, her bright colors are put away
The universe is readying for Winter's chilly stay
All creation is letting go of lively summer's bright array
There is a preparation for the approaching shorter day.

In the air, there is a crispness that signals to all who know
That soon the heavy clouds will be coming with all the snow
A different type of beauty will ride through the changing time
And Heaven will let down sparkles: the earth will look sublime.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Restless night

Restless and weary, I'm watching the evening sleep
I should be resting with her; but trauma is so deep.
Images from the past have been dancing in my head
So I pick up a duster and start to clean instead.

The more the memories pour in, the busier I become
Hoping that I can ward off all that is burdensome
Too many nights have caught me with eyes open wide
WOuld that I could slumber with peacefulness inside.

Thank goodness for the good nights I have also known
They are like an oasis through which healing is shown
Everything has its moment and everything its grace
Someday all my memories will become a beautiful place

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Seasonal Showers

The stormy weather lingers and darkens another day
The sun has been trying to shoot out a tiny hopeful ray
Clouds have grouped together and painted our blue sky
The colors are so dismal that the Heavens start to cry

Mother earth is gently waking to find puddles all around
She is simply gracious and shows what beauty can be found
The birds are happily singing and the trees begin to smile
Everything takes on a sparkle as the rain falls down awhile

How beautiful  creation is with a splash of morning rain
There is a certain newness and radiance that seems to remain
Everything is blessed with the seasonal showers from above
How wonderfully the clouds release the torrents of God's love

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor day weather

The rain is falling softly after a stormy night
Clouds are holding meetings: limiting the light
Day has finally wakened but the sun is left behind
Labor day: good morning, see what you can find.

Thunder keeps on rolling across the darkened skies
The earth is keeping vigil; Heaven simply cries.
Watering all the plants and trees that are below:
The rain is in forecast and  moving mighty slow.

Some may call it awful: all this falling rain
But that's just a perspective: solutions still remain
We can jump in puddles and try to catch them all:
Every single droplet that from the Heavens fall.

The sunshine would be nicer for  doing things outside
But the rain doesn't mean we have to stay inside
It's all in how we perceive it: the situation  out there
We can stay inside or look for rainbows every where

Sunday, September 2, 2012

How can you be so heartless

Broken down by your words that came to me today
I was feeling hopeless not knowing what to say
How can you be so heartless and put me in such pain
Can you not see my tears,they're falling down like rain?.

What moved you to such meanness such inconsideration
Do you find some sort of solace in another's desolation
How could you be so thoughtless or was it all a plan
There must have been some motives do tell me if you can.

I'm standing here surprised that you'd hurt me in this way
I thought that I had known you till all this came into play
You should take some time now and consider who you are
Your actions are so univiting and won't carry you very far.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Come see what I have found

Slowly the morning is whispering to those who sleep
The breeze is sharing secrets its wanting us to keep
Gentle rays of sunshine are greeting all around
The universe is inviting: "come see what I have found"

Dancing outside my window the sparrows lightly sing
Praising the Eternal Father for food and everything
Creatures of the daylight are scampering here and there
What wonder and awesome beauty is displaying everywhere.

If one listens to the wisdom being whispered by the wind
One can hear the Eternal Father speaking deep within
Everything draws its being and life from God above
How can we not be more caring and more willing to love?