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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why did you hit me

Why did you hit me and why did you hate me; can you even begin to  tell me why?
Why did you feel it necessary to hurt me; why did I daily walk to school and cry?
I was just a  small child unable to fight back;  my tears were my only defense
Can you respond now that I am asking; can you make all these memories make sense

Do you remember how frightened you made me; how I feared to even come in
Whenever you called me with angry intentions; my coughing and panic would begin
I cannot understand it, even this moment: why a mother would ever hurt me so
But I somehow felt, deep down inside me; that perhaps some day, you'd let me know

I struggle with things attached to my learning and thought you'd might like to know
That all of those beatings, that I had experienced: have affected my ability to grow
If for a moment you will take time to ponder and speak freely to the good God above
Perhaps He will tell you to  answer inside you why you refused me a motherly love?

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