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Monday, August 13, 2012

We are all brothers and sister

The Heavens are bitterly crying and earth has become still
The universe is awaking beneath the Great One's Eternal Will
All creation is being moistened by the showers from above
Mother earth is gently whispering "dear children, we must love"

With all the things we're seeking: running here and running there.
DO you think we're losing the ability to love or even care?
While some may have their billions; there are others without a cent
How come there's such an imbalance; how is our  money spent?

Do we need an intercessor to remind us of who we are?
We are all brothers and sisters though some are very far
How can  we continue to avoid them; those who are so  needy?
Mother earth keeps on asking: "dear children don't be so greedy".


  1. HI Kim: how are you thank you for you very kind comment.. there is so much peace when we are in harmony with all creation.. even when we go through our inner storms..we can find calm in the quiet of mother earth and in the song of creation, no ..have a blessed day.. :) love


Thank you for your comment.. you are dear to me.. I will reply to this comment