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Friday, August 17, 2012

Thoughts for the journey

Breathe in the breath of God that opens up each day
Exhale all the bad thoughts that are getting in the way
Open up to the beauty of the universe outside
Let the wisdom of the Eternal One instruct you from inside

Quiet down all the noises that are burdening your mind
Contemplate the meaning of all the mysteries that you find
Speak only to the listeners who will not create a lie
Gather in all the graces that may be passing you  by.

Be grateful for the little things, grateful as can be
When handing out your kindnesses, don't do so boastfully
Heavenly angels are watching over all we do and say
Be aware of what your actions do, each and every day

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  1. "Exhale all the bad thoughts that are getting in the way". this line jumped out at me today as I have been trying to get rid of and not listen to the negative voice in my head. Also love the song/video as I like John Denver but also always a fan of the muppets.


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