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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The healer within you

Deep down inside your being, far deeper than you can see
Is your own inner healer, your own sea of tranquility
But you must be willing to enter it and there so remain
Until the river that moves within you  carries away your pain

Sometimes the world around you is quick to crowd you with noise
But you can find your oasis if you but follow the spirit's voice
By closing your eyes to the moment and quieting down your will
You'll begin to feel the healing that moves when you are still

Shut down all your frazzled emotions, and shut off that hostility
Let the gentle spirit calm your being and then you can become free
Soon you'll be back in your balance and  back to that tranquility
Surrender to the healer within you and then see what will come to be.


  1. Another beautiful poem Joy. The healer within. I can so connect with your words and you can touch the feelings in your poem. Behind The Smile.

  2. Dear Behind the smile. .sometimes what is given to heal me heals others .i know this is why the poetry echoes in my heart. .so happy the words touch you as they have me..




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