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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Storms in the night

The night brought in its storm clouds and the winds shook up the place
For a while eveything was invisible as darkness filled up every space
The lightning became most violent and windows echoed back the rain.
Mother earth seemed to be weeping while  the universe appeared in pain.

Trees were bowing so quickly as the storm winds were raging around
The view was one of surrender as angry clouds continued to sound
There's always a sense of uncertainty with every storm that passes by
One cannot  help but wonder why  Heaven chooses to weep and cry.

Now the earth is sitting silently  and the storm clouds have gone  away
Everything seems so different with the approaching light of day
The trees are  sparkling nicely while the sun dries  all  the rain
All creation is slowly awaking and smiles despite her night of pain.

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