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Monday, August 13, 2012

My dream

My Dream : Is that some day I can reach everyone with one messag: perhaps through writing; and that message is:  we are all brothers and sisters .. we are all one . one with each other. one with mother earth one with the divine.. and when we are one as we should be: peace will rule .. its when we pull away from this one-ness. with each other , with the earth, the Divine that we have so much trouble . more important than fame and more powerful than money is the love that we we created for and from long as we remain in this : love .. all things will be well. .even in our absolute poverty and illness and apparent will keep us moving forward.. even if inch by inch.
© joy


  1. Joy, this is lovely and inspiring and speaks to my heart as always. I would also like to pass on an award to you and your blog, the Liebster Blog Award. Congratulations you deserve it as your blog is inspiring. To find out more and if you wish to accept it come on over to

  2. Hi: . thank you for the very beautiful comment.. I am going to study over the award and will be honored to accept it.I need some moments to understand how it it is to accept it..but definitely will respond.Don't know your name.. how to address you .. but thank you so much for dropping by and finding my blog to be inspiring.. I spend much time in quiet with God and write only what I hear inside during these quiet moments..sending much love... joy

  3. Hi Joy, sorry I didn't leave a name, I normally go by my blog name Behind The Smile, for a couple of reasons, but one day hopefully I will be brave enough to use my actual name. I will explain the Liebster blog award a little more: What to do is take a copy of the Liebster Blog award image and include it in your post and on your blog. In your post on your blog you then answer the eleven questions I have asked (If you wish) and then come up with eleven questions of your own you will then ask of the eleven people whose blogs you are going to pass on the Liebster blog award to. The eleven blogs you pass the Liebster Blog award on to you go to those blogs and in the comments notify as I did that you are passing the blog award onto them. You include the link to your post of the Liebster Blog award as I did. On your post you list the people you are passing the Liebster blog award on to and include a link to their blogs. As in my post if you click on the other blog titles it will take you direct to their blogs. Please don't hesitate to ask if you need more information as I may have confused matters even more. God Bless, Behind The Smile.


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