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Monday, August 27, 2012

Inner Struggle

Today my soul is troubled I find it hard to write
Confusion from the enemy has blocked my inner light
Scrambling around within me I look for words to say
As the quiet star of morning heats up the newborn day

Slowly a breeze from Heaven is able to get inside
And touches all the wounds that I so carefully hide
Soothing away the sores embedded throughout the years
The spirit invites me to weep and freely shed my tears.

There is no shame in crying; in letting the emotions free.
For it's likes a cloud releasing its raindrops over the sea.
By way of the flowing waters;  will exit all those fears
And all the many sorrows: hidden throughout those years

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  1. I can relate, sometimes the pain is all consuming and there is no peace from the inner turmoil. It's too deep too painful to reveal.


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