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Friday, August 24, 2012

If Today

If today you saw somwone weeping,
would you stop to show your care
If you saw another person broken;
would you have some time to spare?
Would you take the time to listen
to what another may want to say?
If today your help was needed;
would you extend it in some way?

If today you won the lottery;
would you be willing to share?
Would you take into consideration
the many who are needing care?
Would you be willing to give a little
for those who are really poor
If today you fell into money
would you share it out some more?

If today you were being slighted
and made a fool by all
Would you be able to forgive them
and show them you aren't so small?
Would you even be willing to  help out
the enemy in his or her need
If today you were called to be generous
Would you be tempted to greed?

IF today you are reading this poem
and it is saying something to you;
Will you act upon the inspiration
what would you be willing to do?
Would you be willing to set out
with your eyes open and ready to see
If today someone was really needy
would you show your generosity?

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