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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I see you there....

I see you there, you're weeping, all your pain has come outside
I feel inside me: your sorrows, and all your brokenness inside
Don't be afraid of sharing with me, for I will listen so carefully
By letting out all those worries, you can finally be set free.

I see you there, you're hiding, you're afraid of all the rest
You feel you've been a failure, though you given the world your best
Don't be afraid of talking; of letting all those feelings outside
With me you don't ever have to worry, I'll keep your secrets inside

I see you there, you're responding, you're ready to talk and share
Know that you are so precious, and deserving of the greatest care
Don't be afraid of exploring that world that's deep inside of you
For then you can truly discover, what it is you are suppose to do.

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