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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Do my feelings matter?

Do my feelings matter, do you understand how you made me feel
Can I cry right now, or are my emotions out of place, not really real?
Am I not a person, who has some things going on right now inside?
Why do you seem surprised, when I share with you the things I use to hide?

It is a sign that I trust you, when I let down all the walls I had built up
And it's no small thing, when I  have courage to drink something from your cup
If you really love me, then you will accept the struggles going on inside of me
And know that only those I love,  get the closest glimpse of my reality.

So please forgive me when the days are stormy and I'm drenched with rain
And I give into weakness and allow myself a moment to cry out in pain
I am truly alive now and coming into a stage I never would go looking for
So I am needing your support now more than I ever had needed it before


  1. "If you really love me, then you will accept the struggles going on inside of me". This is so true Joy and what we all wish for I think, hope for, that especially those we love will accept the struggles, accept us for who we are. When we have suffered it is hard to trust and in my experience it has only been one person in my life whom I love and I know loves me that I have opened up to and let them glimpse in to my reality of pain and past trauma. Once again your poem says it beautifully.

  2. Dear Behindthesmile.. again am so moved by your kind remarks.. I am slow to respond as i have several. .things going on in my life. .and am trying to learn to juggle them and heal at same time.. you have a beautiful way about you ..




Thank you for your comment.. you are dear to me.. I will reply to this comment