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Thursday, July 19, 2012

You disappeared so abruptly

There is someone I have been thinking about someone from a while ago
Someone who just disappeared abruptly and really hurt me so
I wish that it could have ended differently and in a proper way
I was that broken person, you know, and my healing was underway

If you should happen across this poem and it's you of whom I speak
Would you consider reaching out to me: give me the closure i seek
It would only take you a second or two, to write some words and  send
Would you  consider doing it over again: that unprofessional end?

God has been so good to me:  smoothing over with all His grace
The pain and sorrow of that moment: a new angel stands in your place.
But the memory of how it quickly ended continues to boggle my  mind
And, I'm wondering how long that last rejection will color all I find.

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