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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The poor girl

Her hair was so scraggly and here shoes were badly worn
Her clothing was so dated and was wrinkld and so torn
Yet she went about her day with a smile upon her face
Despite all of her poverty she glowed with Heavenly grace.

She watched with dreaming eyes as the rich were eating steaks
While  she was feasting on some of their leftover salmon cakes
It really didn't  matter that they didn't take notice of her
For she  had found her happiness: God's love for her was sure.

People would pass right by her with great frowns upon her face
And her teachers shook their head as though she was a disgrace
Yet no one took a step to undo what they had sadly perceived
When she was no longer present they felt themselves relieved.

Why is it that no one ever ventured to ask her what was  wrong
Why was it that she had to  carry her secrets for so very long
Were people afraid of caring for someone that may cost them  time?
If you were in this story how would you have ended this rhyme?

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