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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Speak to me of Heavenly Things

He has placed a band of angels to keep careful watch of me
And though I feel unworthy I am as grateful as can be
That God Almighty should think of me and give to me a guide
Tells me that He loves me and will be ever by my side.

I may not  have a fortune or my name aglow in lights
But I have a hundred thousand angels who watch over all my nights
And I may not be applauded or come to know earthly fame
But I will be content in knowing that God knows me by my name

So speak to me of Heavenly things and speak to me oF God
Tell me how I can love Him  more while I'm  on  this road I trod
I'm not interested in the latest stocks or how to become more wise
My only thought is how I can love:  the Creator of the skies

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