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Friday, July 13, 2012

O let me sit in the silence

O let me sit in the silence and let me whisper with the breeze
Let me fly with all the birds who are resting in the trees
Let me close my eyes in wonder so I can ponder what is good
Let me rest within the mystery that speaks to me as God would

Let me weep if I should want to, there's no wrong inside a tear
Every tiny droplet falling, carries out what no one can  hear
Let the teardrops fall whenever and don't ever  be amazed
Everyone will have their moment, when eyes are moist and glazed

O listen if you are willing to, to  the morning melody
How beautifully it awakens with the day star that you see
Soothing to the spirit, it's as natural as can be
The universe is healing and cost nothing to you and me.

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