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Thursday, July 19, 2012

I heard you as you were crying

I heard you as you were crying your tears echoed in my heart
I felt them deep inside me, they left images that wont depart
I know too well that feeling, that can move  someone to cry
Please know that I am here for you and won't ever pass you by.

I saw you trying to hide them, those droplets in your eyes.
It wasn't  hard to notice that there were clouds  in your skies
I wanted so much to help you to tell you, "it would be alright";
But then I stopped myself, for  so much is hidden from my sight.

If words could stop those teardrops and make you whole again
I would write until I saw that you were freed from deep within
But I don't know the whole story behind all that makes you cry
So I'll  wait here right beside you and until everything passes by.

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