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Monday, July 9, 2012

I am only human

I am only human so why is it a surprise
When you see all these teardrops falling from my eyes
Or why do you stand amazed when by chance I fall
And seem so very imperfect just like a child so small.

I am only human and though I may try and try
There will always be some raindrops and a cloudy sky
IT's part of human nature to sometimes fall and fail
And grace it is that helps us so that anger wont prevail

I am only human and though I may make a mistake
I'll try to quicky apologize for the wrongs I make
And for creating any disturbances that may not be alright
I will humbly ask God pardon upon my knees at night.

I am only human so I'm asking you  to forgive me
When I act more like a human than some sort of Deity
I will sincerely be trying to do things as I should
But when I fall and err please forgive me like God would.

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