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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Good morning sweetest universe

Good morning dear sweetest universe and good morning sweet golden sky
Thank you kindly for sharing all your beauty with such a person as I
You greet me each day when  I awaken, with colors and music so sweet
What a wonderful way to be roused up; couldn't ask for a better treat.

All you birds of every kind of color, and you trees so majestic and tall
How wonderfully you work together, to create a symphony for all
Yes even  the tiniest creature, who goes unseen by the  human eye
Contributes to this wonderful music heard by all who are willing to try

So, let me never miss out on  this beauty, this early composition of love
That rises up so sweetly, each morning, in the praise of the Eternal One above.
It's  like nothing I have ever heard of and like nothing I could ever create
This  music from you sweetest universe, is what inspires me to  never to be late

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