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Saturday, July 7, 2012

An angel to the broken child

Little one, why do those tears roll down your face;
What sorrow digs into your heart: so full of grace?
Little one, who has hurt one so innocent as you?
Let me know, I will see if there's anything I can do..

Little one, I have seen you crying this way before
And though, I did,  I couldn't seem to do anything more
But now, I feel the need to be reaching out to you
To stop whatever is causing you to cry the way you do.

Who has hurt you, please don't  be afraid to tell
I want your happiness: and wish things could be going well
Tell me little one, are you needing someone to rescue you
Do you feel helpless, afraid of what you're going through

There are safe places for little ones just like you
Who will protect you from the hurtful things people do
You must seek out the help of people who really care
And speak of all the bad things going on over there.

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