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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Every day

With tenderness and compassion be gentle along the way
Let the softness of a pillow cushion all you might say
The world is full of people with  stories so unique
Your kindness and consideration is the remedy they might seek.

Let the sweetness of the morning carry you all along
And the peacefulness of the morning dove keep you from all wrong
The humbleness of the flower who never raises her voice
Should inspire you when tempers flare and you need to  make a choice.

Let the silence of the universe dwell within your heart
And may you rest within her before each day will  start
Quieting your mind before letting the day begin
Will give you a wisdom that comes from deep within.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Each moment

Each moment is precious and life giving for all
We can use it for uplifting the great and the small
How we choose to be spending it, is for us to decide
Each moment we pass through remains with us inside

Each moment is a memory we are able to create
It can be one of the greatest or one that we hate
It's ours for the taking and ours for the sharing
Each moment is a vehicle that carries all our caring.

Each moment is present and enveloped by grace
It invites us inside to see what will take place
We are the chosen who will navigate through time
Each moment has potential to become a new rhyme.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

There's beauty in the silence

 There's beauty in the silence that speaks when all are still
It whispers through the raindrops and calms the troubled will
whenever all are restless and the worries seem to mount
The quiet of the universe, opens up its healing fount.

There's healing in the silence that we allow to enter in
When chaos runs us over, and patience is wearing thin
For in the quiet moments and the stillness that they bring
Can be felt the touch of the Eternal, Who's calming everything.

There beauty in every creature and in every thing around
Waiting in humble silence to be noticed and to be found
Only when we are silent and allow the stillness to begin
Can a whole new world of wonder answer all our needs within.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The morning

The morning, she is calling, to everyone who is sleeping
"Come listen, to my secrets, which I am so carefully keeping:
The One who sets the rhythm by which the earth is keeping pace
Is the One who gives all being and is the Life of the human race"

The morning, she is singing, through the voices of the earth
Each day is a new beginning, each moment is a new birth
Try to grasp the wonder, which each second will carefully bring
Join with all creation and let your waking spirits sing.

The morning, she is passing and soon it will be day
Don't let the early mysteries pass you along the way
Take part in all the dancing and the music that's outside
The universe is inviting: don't be frightened: do not hide.

Friday, July 27, 2012

This Morning

Did you hear the first wind whisper when you opened up your eyes
Did you feel the tiny sunbeam as it was racing across the skies
Did you hear the early birds singing or watch the night depart
Do tell me what first touched you, what awoke your sleeping heart

Was  the early morning fragrant with the smell of flowering trees
Did you hear the busy rhythmn of a hundred buzzing bees?
What was it about the morning that you were able to see
Do tell me, did you notice: how beautiful the world could be?

Could you hear the flowers smiling as they were ready to bloom
Did you feel all warm and cozy when the sunlight filled your room
What did you do this morning as the world was all aglow
Did you sit and admire creation as she was putting on her show?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

To heal or not to heal

I'm carrying deep inside me a wounded part of me
That's needing some healing and needing to be set free
But part of me is so attached to that brokenness inside
That when freedom's door is opened, I quickly  run and hide

There's something so familiar about all my inner  pain
That letting go would mean that nothing familiar could remain
So while I'm trying to heal and make myself more sound
I'm hanging onto things that keep the hurtful past around.

It's either: I choose to heal or I continue in the past
Progress cannot take place as long as these memories last
I must let go of  the hurtful to arrive at a better place
This is my moment of decision, my moment of special grace.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Good morning sweetest universe

Good morning dear sweetest universe and good morning sweet golden sky
Thank you kindly for sharing all your beauty with such a person as I
You greet me each day when  I awaken, with colors and music so sweet
What a wonderful way to be roused up; couldn't ask for a better treat.

All you birds of every kind of color, and you trees so majestic and tall
How wonderfully you work together, to create a symphony for all
Yes even  the tiniest creature, who goes unseen by the  human eye
Contributes to this wonderful music heard by all who are willing to try

So, let me never miss out on  this beauty, this early composition of love
That rises up so sweetly, each morning, in the praise of the Eternal One above.
It's  like nothing I have ever heard of and like nothing I could ever create
This  music from you sweetest universe, is what inspires me to  never to be late

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Would you take the time

Would you take the time that's needed to love someone today
Would you give someone a smile or show someone the way
Would you be that ray of hope; and  show someone you care
There's so many broken people, do you have some time to share?

If you could slow your pace down,  by just a minute or two
What a difference you could make in the world surrounding you.
But too often you are rushing, and you can't begin to see
That there's so many broken people, reaching out to you and me.

Are we willing to make a difference,and make that needed change
For the world is so much bigger, than the one we can  arrange.
There's  so many needy people, and so many needing care
They stand outside our comfort zone and ask"is someone there?"

Monday, July 23, 2012

If, for but a moment

If, for but a moment, we could truly hear inside
All the beauty and the mystery that surrounds us all outside
We would be lost in all the awe  that we have come to see
For in  every passing moment is an echo of eternity.

If, for but a moment, we could close our weary eyes
And imagine what it's like to be soaring through the skies
Joining with all the birds who every day are taking flight
We would slowly become transformed into messengers of  light.

If,for but a moment, we could learn to be really  still
And set aside all the noisiness that we allow to move our will.
We would find that we are freer to be who we are meant to be
Pilgrims on this earth heading toward eternity.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lessons from the Universe

I'm taking a few moments to ponder and be still
I'm silencing  my being and quieting my will
I'm listening to the wisdom that whispers around
I love to hear the universe and all creations sound

Even the  flowers who are quiet and  small
Have special messages for one and for all
They let out their beauty without any show
Love is the secret that helps them to grow.

Without speaking a word the trees instruct me
About the prudence behind great flexibility
Being willing and ready to stretch and to bend
Are the lessens they'd have me  comprehend.

Such are the ways that creation teaches me
To value the virtues, living simple as can be
For its not in the fanfare that wisdom is found
But in silent humility that whispers around .

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Speak to me of Heavenly Things

He has placed a band of angels to keep careful watch of me
And though I feel unworthy I am as grateful as can be
That God Almighty should think of me and give to me a guide
Tells me that He loves me and will be ever by my side.

I may not  have a fortune or my name aglow in lights
But I have a hundred thousand angels who watch over all my nights
And I may not be applauded or come to know earthly fame
But I will be content in knowing that God knows me by my name

So speak to me of Heavenly things and speak to me oF God
Tell me how I can love Him  more while I'm  on  this road I trod
I'm not interested in the latest stocks or how to become more wise
My only thought is how I can love:  the Creator of the skies

The poor girl

Her hair was so scraggly and here shoes were badly worn
Her clothing was so dated and was wrinkld and so torn
Yet she went about her day with a smile upon her face
Despite all of her poverty she glowed with Heavenly grace.

She watched with dreaming eyes as the rich were eating steaks
While  she was feasting on some of their leftover salmon cakes
It really didn't  matter that they didn't take notice of her
For she  had found her happiness: God's love for her was sure.

People would pass right by her with great frowns upon her face
And her teachers shook their head as though she was a disgrace
Yet no one took a step to undo what they had sadly perceived
When she was no longer present they felt themselves relieved.

Why is it that no one ever ventured to ask her what was  wrong
Why was it that she had to  carry her secrets for so very long
Were people afraid of caring for someone that may cost them  time?
If you were in this story how would you have ended this rhyme?

Friday, July 20, 2012

The massacre in Colorado

The senselessness of it all: the taking of innocent lives
Is digging into my heart, like so many sharpened knives
What enters into such a mind to move a person to hate:
Shattering  the lives of so many, a rescue coming too late?

Bodies are lying all over and lives wont ever be the same
A gunman randomly shooting, killing people without any shame
Why did you enter that theater with such cruel intentions to kill
What were your core motivations: a massacre became your thrill?

My eyes are overflowing with tears for those who remain
The weeping of so many  broken families creates in me great pain
How many more helpless victims will fall beneath the gun
Before this country's leaders realize something must be done?

Life is not a race

Can you hear her as she's whispering each morning that you awake
The sound of the entire universe who is asking you to take
A few moments of reflection and a few moments to be still
The Eternal Spirit is wanting to breathe secrets into your will

But you say you're way to busy and there's so  much to get done
You don't have any time you say to just  sit and watch the sun
So you won't be taking moments and you won't be staying still
You want to keep on rushing though its suffocating your will.

Truly life is a mystery and its not ever some sort of race
The more we keep its harmony the more it'll bless our space
But we have to learn to listen and to appreciate what's around
For then we'll hear the suggestions that creation likes to sound.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

You disappeared so abruptly

There is someone I have been thinking about someone from a while ago
Someone who just disappeared abruptly and really hurt me so
I wish that it could have ended differently and in a proper way
I was that broken person, you know, and my healing was underway

If you should happen across this poem and it's you of whom I speak
Would you consider reaching out to me: give me the closure i seek
It would only take you a second or two, to write some words and  send
Would you  consider doing it over again: that unprofessional end?

God has been so good to me:  smoothing over with all His grace
The pain and sorrow of that moment: a new angel stands in your place.
But the memory of how it quickly ended continues to boggle my  mind
And, I'm wondering how long that last rejection will color all I find.

I heard you as you were crying

I heard you as you were crying your tears echoed in my heart
I felt them deep inside me, they left images that wont depart
I know too well that feeling, that can move  someone to cry
Please know that I am here for you and won't ever pass you by.

I saw you trying to hide them, those droplets in your eyes.
It wasn't  hard to notice that there were clouds  in your skies
I wanted so much to help you to tell you, "it would be alright";
But then I stopped myself, for  so much is hidden from my sight.

If words could stop those teardrops and make you whole again
I would write until I saw that you were freed from deep within
But I don't know the whole story behind all that makes you cry
So I'll  wait here right beside you and until everything passes by.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wrestling with sleep's angel

Sleep's angel continues  to hold me as I struggle  to awake
Every movement, every effort is just so difficult to make
Its one of those days when waking up is  hard to  do
If only today were Sunday, I'd sleep the whole day through.

My cat has been meowing at me like I should hurry up
He wants his special breakfast before I get coffee in my cup
I give into all his prancing while I'm walking through my fog
Please, my dearest Jesus help me with words for my blog...

The birds have already finished with their morning serenade
But the trees continue dancing and clouds are in parade
So despite all my tardiness and my slowness to arise
There's still so much beauty so much artwork in the skies.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Be Gentle

Be gentle when you are speaking it is so much easier to hear
Be gentle when you are writing for written words are so very dear
Be gentle with yourself for it is with  you that it  should start
Be gentle with all creation show the world your loving heart.

Be gentle when you are thinking it will help you create a smile
Be gentle when you are hurting it will shorten the painful mile
Be gentle in every moment in  every hour that will pass by
Being gentle will bring you Heaven and every angel from the sky

Honesty vs Lying

 Sit down with holy wisdom and let her speak to you
About beauty about living about everything that's true
Turn away from all the lying, the falsehood and the fake
Let honesty be your roadmap that shows which road to take

The world would you have you color things, just a little more
Changing things into something that you  never saw before
Adjusting things so carefully, "oh just a little bit"
Beware of how the world  lies : commercialism's it.

It doesn't take much  effort to speak the truth to all
But lying will take you so much time even if the lie is small
Truth will come out naturally and you'll never have to think
But lying will make you look like you're going to let out a stink

Monday, July 16, 2012

In the early hours

In the early hours of morning before the sun begins to rise
When sleep has finally ended and I open up my eyes
I listen to the silence and let the universe inside
All creation is inviting me "come see where angels hide"

In the tender sound of daylight that echoes through the air
The wind is softly whispering that God is everywhere.
I cannot help but listen to the beauty of the trees
That are swaying to the ryhtmn of the softly blowing breeze.

Sweetest tones are coming from the waking birds with care
Their melodies are rising with the dawn who loves to share
The golden beams that reach across the early morning sky
Are reminding me of the Eternal One who created you and I .

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Set aside some moments

Set aside some moments, some moments to be still
Moments when you can rest, your whole being and your will
Put aside your thinking, every movement deep within
The Holy Spirit is inviting something new is about to begin

Whatever you are doing, will be there when you are done
Let go of everything that's causing you to fret and run
Take now some precious moments: some sweet vehicles of grace
The Holy Spirit is wanting to create in you some space

Too much of all that nonsense  creeping in from the outside
Has disturbed your inner peace, rocked your  world inside
Peace can be restored if you are willing to be still
And allow the Holy Spirit to rejuventate your will.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

I am that soldier who went out to fight for you

I am in a desert and there is nothing else around
No familiar voices and no familiar sound
crawling through the struggles I gropple on the ground
I am in the desert and there is no one around.

Throw me a lifeline please help me out of this place
See all this emptiness this terriblenss I must face
My condition is pitiful its such an awful disgrace
Throw me a lifeline please help me out of this place

Who are you to judge me  and say that I'm insane
I endured all of this suffering all of this awful pain
Fighting for your freedom while you in peace remain
Who are you to judge me   and say that I'm insane.

I am that soldier who went out to fight for you
And now I am returning; but my battle is not through
For echoing in my head and in everythihng I do
I am that soldier who went out to fight for you.

Friday, July 13, 2012

O let me sit in the silence

O let me sit in the silence and let me whisper with the breeze
Let me fly with all the birds who are resting in the trees
Let me close my eyes in wonder so I can ponder what is good
Let me rest within the mystery that speaks to me as God would

Let me weep if I should want to, there's no wrong inside a tear
Every tiny droplet falling, carries out what no one can  hear
Let the teardrops fall whenever and don't ever  be amazed
Everyone will have their moment, when eyes are moist and glazed

O listen if you are willing to, to  the morning melody
How beautifully it awakens with the day star that you see
Soothing to the spirit, it's as natural as can be
The universe is healing and cost nothing to you and me.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

All around you

The beauty of the morning breaks open the newborn sky
With warming rays of sunshine that touch both you and I
The colors of the new dawn are everywhere around
Creatures rejoice with melodies that create a soothing sound.

If the night was burdensome and you found you couldn't sleep
Breathe in the beauty around you and hold it very deep
Let out whatever was painful and keeping you so awake
For the universe holds out remedies for you and I to take.

Slow down for just a moment to take in the morning light
Consider all of creation how it gives pleasure to our sight
Let go of all things negative and take in what is good
And you will find that your day will progress as it should

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Speak to me softly

Speak to me softly in whispers of sound
Tell me of beauty and mysteries you've found
I'm anxious to hear them the secrets of love
Falling like raindrops from Heaven above.

Talk to me of angels and heavenly things
Help me understand why the early bird sings
Walk with me through nature, help me to hear
The echoes of God in the universe so dear.

Everything's passing and slipping away
Help me to value each moment of the day
We've only one second, with this moment of time
Will we write lyrics or produce some new rhyme?

How often we miss it, the beauty around:
The soft flower's whisper,the butterflies sound
Because we're so noisy unable to hear
Creation keeps singing "be still and draw near".

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Its a triggering day

It is such a triggering day and the clouds outside are weeping
The darkness is creating monsters while the Sun is gently sleeping
So I run from all the demons who are creating scary  noises
A thousand and one painful memories echoing  from their voices

This is how it is when the trauma comes back to haunt me
Demons dress up like reasoning to shake up all my stability
But I am not going to be conquered by the knights of  Satan's army
For I trust God is going to reach down and stop all that could harm me.

Have you ever had such moments when the evil seems to surround you
And shatters all your thinking with suggestions that are  untrue
Yet because you are so fragile and weak from all the battles
You don't know if the voice are sensible or some noisy rattles.

Monday, July 9, 2012

I am only human

I am only human so why is it a surprise
When you see all these teardrops falling from my eyes
Or why do you stand amazed when by chance I fall
And seem so very imperfect just like a child so small.

I am only human and though I may try and try
There will always be some raindrops and a cloudy sky
IT's part of human nature to sometimes fall and fail
And grace it is that helps us so that anger wont prevail

I am only human and though I may make a mistake
I'll try to quicky apologize for the wrongs I make
And for creating any disturbances that may not be alright
I will humbly ask God pardon upon my knees at night.

I am only human so I'm asking you  to forgive me
When I act more like a human than some sort of Deity
I will sincerely be trying to do things as I should
But when I fall and err please forgive me like God would.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hush now, be quiet

Hush now, be quiet and listen to the breeze
It's whispering all God's secrets to the mighty trees
How gently flows the river that sings the lullaby
That silences every creature and makes the Heavens cry

Be still now and let God work He's ready to begin
Are you open to His Spirit, it's  moving deep within?
Speak not a word for He has so much  to say
Questioning the Almighty is never the right way.

Slow down and be silent you don't have to run.
The world creates a whirlwind that blocks out the sun.
So much beauty we pass by each and every day
But our schedules are so full that it all slips away.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

An angel to the broken child

Little one, why do those tears roll down your face;
What sorrow digs into your heart: so full of grace?
Little one, who has hurt one so innocent as you?
Let me know, I will see if there's anything I can do..

Little one, I have seen you crying this way before
And though, I did,  I couldn't seem to do anything more
But now, I feel the need to be reaching out to you
To stop whatever is causing you to cry the way you do.

Who has hurt you, please don't  be afraid to tell
I want your happiness: and wish things could be going well
Tell me little one, are you needing someone to rescue you
Do you feel helpless, afraid of what you're going through

There are safe places for little ones just like you
Who will protect you from the hurtful things people do
You must seek out the help of people who really care
And speak of all the bad things going on over there.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Quiet Moments

Quiet moments in the morning when the world is calm and still
Tiny movements of the Spirit begin to dance upon my will
Leaving there the sacred imprints from the Eternal One above
What a treasure to be found in the grasp of Heaven's only love

Not with words or fancy rhetoric does the Almighty choose to speak
But with the Greatness He embodies He comes in whispers soft and meek
SO it's important that one enters into the chambers deep inside
To hear the secrets of God's wisdom hidden from the world outside.

Quiet moments in the morning will you have some set aside
The Eternal Creator of our beings has something beautiful to confide
But to receive it and to hear it; you need to silence all your will
ANd let the graces fall within you like tiny droplets calm and still.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The freedom to dance

Beautiful little beings are starting to romp around
The wind is gently whispering its ever soothing sound
Creation is awaking to the touch of solar rays
Heaven's portals are bursting open with pure angelic praise

Trees are bending to the rythmn of the early morning breeze
Butterflies get together to sing soprano with the bees
Tiniest little creatures that are hidden from mortal eye
Are straining to send their voices to the Creator of the sky

While we're hustling and we're bustling each and every day
The universe is whispering: "there is such a better way"
But you have to stop to listen and slow your busy pace
To allow the balance of mother earth to find in you a place.

Will you be taking those moments that you so desperately need
To allow the Eternal Gardener to plant in you His  Seed
Which will give to you that simple freedom and willingness to dance
With all the creatures of the universe and the simple plants

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Without any fanfare

Gently the wind is whispering the time
I silence my being to begin my new rhyme
Beauty is calling from everywhere around
Yet only the silent can hear her sweet sound.

Not with the worldly ways or routine
Will Mother Earth put out her beautiful scene
For she's seeking no reward no applause at all
From those she will grace: the great and the small.

Her lessons she will share out day after day
Without any fanfare she will give them away
Asking for nothing but true  surrender and love
For the Eternal Creator who gives all from Above.

Monday, July 2, 2012

God sent me an angel.

God sent me an angel in the darkness of my night
When vision was impossible even in the brightest light
The angel reached out to me to calm me in my fear
And whispered “Do not worry, for I am always here”.

The years had taken away from me my courage and my will
I was afraid to move forward and so was frozen still.
Time had kept me captive to the events of frightful years
So I cried out in my aguish “please rescue me from my fears”

God heard me as I was praying and responded from above
He sent His chosen angel who would deliver me all His love
This angel is ever with me and is helping me every day
To overcome what was terrorizing and to show me the way