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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We are God's children

We open up our hearts and give of who we are
We become for other people a true and shining star
Forgetting all the labels and putting aside the price
We live as God's children so ready to sacrifice

To the broken and forgotten we invite a simple smile
We open up our spirits and share with them awhile
We let go of all restrictions that say we cannot love
And are guided by that Spirit that leads us from Above.

Because we are believers we cannot close our eyes.
Nothing can ever stop us from responding to the cries
Of those who have been forgotten and sadly left behind
For as followers of Jesus we will always love  mankind

We invite without inviting  everybody that is around
By our lives we try to show where true peace can be found
Without pressuring any person we always keep an open door
Our lives show how God's mercy is what all are looking for.

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