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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Voices of the past

I'm hearing the voices of the past
echoing the hurts of so long ago
While  memories are painting pictures
that wound both my heart and soul
Something about this moment
has pulled up a summary of all my fears
And I am plunged into an abyss
that is raging with a river made from tears.

I try to get around it,
this trauma that is overshadowing all I do
But the voices of yesterday shout out things
that are so hurtful and true
I don't want to hear these reminders
of sorrows so very deep inside
So I'm begging you dear angels
to come take me somewhere that I can hide

Before the  flowing waters
I take refuges within my heart and will
And surrender to the wisdom
that created me when all was still
Though this illness of  mind
is robbing me of  my inner peace
I hear deep within that these things are passing
and everything will cease.

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