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Saturday, June 2, 2012

So much to see

The sun is brightly shining gone are the pournig rains
Little droplets of dew are the only moisture that remains
The glowing star of morning reaches out to one and all
Its warming rays dance sweetly during the wake up call

Birds of every color are singing so peacefully
The universe is so beautiful there's so much to see
If we go too quickly we're sure to miss the view
Each morning has a vision meant for me and you

The wind is softy whispering carrying life to all
 It reaches out to everyone both the great and small
Coming from God's spirit, it keeps everything alive
If ever God stopped breathing  we would never survive.

We thank You Holy Father for Your life giving breath to all
We'll always respond as children whenever You will call
You have given us so many things so much beauty divine
May each of us become your temple your consecrated shrine.

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