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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Like some commodity

i have this terrible feeling inside me, when ever i chance to hear
some news from those who have hurt me: their intentions are so clear
they never knew me in my struggling and now they're choosing to call
to make me feel like I owe them something :but i owe them nothing at all.

its awful to know my  value is measured by some simple dollar sign
that I'm like some sort of commodity that can be tossed  away with time
Why is it that people cannot  like me for the things  they cannot see
Like my love for God, my love for Jesus,  my concern for humanity?

Dont they know the things that value are not found inside a bank?
That people who give your worldly things are not the ones to thank
But rather we should be grateful for the ones who truly  help us  see
That  wealth and wisdom can be found without the need for any  money

So I sit here wondering about my life and about reality
It's necessary to have true friends; but this is a challenge for me
So many times I've been lead astry and am wanting what is real
So I'm asking the angels to help me now; as I open my heart and will

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