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Monday, June 11, 2012

I am .

 I am your neighbor who came knocking at your door
I was needing your kindness and left needing so much more
I am that person you passed by walking on the street
Did you recognize the opportunity that you failed to meet?

I am that fragile person you were making fun of  today
I'm  also that one who trusted you but was quickly led astray
Alone and abandoned I was reaching out for your  hand
I didn't ask for much but that you would try to understand

I am that person who cut before you in the grocery line
And received a glare back  that cut through this heart of mine
I am that person who everybody was avoiding today
I looked at you for acceptance, but you  looked away

I am that broken person,  that homeless person too
I am that needy person: every one reaching out to you
I came in all  my poverty to see how much you would love
A  God who became incarnate from His throne above.

When you say you love ME  do you really really  know
That loving  God is requiring some more action there below
It's easy enough  to say Amen when singing in the pew
But much harder is the love of all, that I'm requiring of you.

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