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Friday, June 22, 2012

Cries from the broken

Will you reach out your hand to me for now I am afraid
By people,I have trusted, I have been so betrayed
Not always  seeing clearly; for reality's so far:
I often believe people when they say who they are.

Inside me I can't imagine it:  that people  would do wrong
I trust them so quickly and they lead me along
They promise me friendship and say  the right thing
Before I even know it great confusion they bring 

Trembling and shaking I become full of fear
I shout and I cry out to all who would hear
Most people ignore me; they're too busy to see
That someone has hurt me; I'm trapped as can be


  1. Hello Joy
    How are you? I sent you an e-mail when I couldn't send the comment the other day. Somehow I couldn't figure out the letters to prove I wasn't a robot.:)I even got my daughters to help me and we still couldn't get it right..Are you doing well? I think of you often. You bless me still. I hope that you're encouraged. Your poems have encouraged me many times. I just want you to know that my heart thinks of you and pray that heaven will continue to shower love and protection upon you. May God's angels always reveal His beauty to you and give you peace...Be strong, be blessed forever..sending love to you...RiRi

  2. Hi Riri...
    So sorry for late response.. i do love you dearly .. lot of little things happening in my life.. have made a change of location and am trying to adjust.. and just settling into a new state and environment..So happy you are finding some things that I write to be a blessing..this is encouraging to hear.. I am happy your daughters help you with the internet can be challenging.. I didnt know how to respond to the . am still learning too.. love you and hope the angels continue to hover around you as well.. hope you are finding life a little more bearable? Please keep in touch. .I miss you when I don't see something from you .xoxo love Joy


Thank you for your comment.. you are dear to me.. I will reply to this comment