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Saturday, June 30, 2012

I'm glad You made me, me.

The morning star awakens and sends out all its  rays
It's inviting everybody  "come join my hymn of praise"
To the Creator of the universe to the God of Eternity
We should whisper from within us "I'm glad You made me, me".

Every creature has its spirit from the Infinite One above
Every person has a uniqueness that was created out of love
All of creation is one masterpiece painted by hands Divine
How wonderful to be part of the Eternal Ones Shrine.

As we breathe in the morning air we breathe in the Infinite
Every movement that  we take is fueled by His Eternal Spirit
If  we are open we can become the channels of His grace
Through which waters of redemption can flow out to every place


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Therapy gives new hope

The memories from past years pour into your mind
Hurtful remembrances keep tugging from behind
You want to move forward but your broken within
Its time to start therapy so new life can begin.

There's a stigma attached to the healing you need
Some people see therapists as agents of greed
Others see counseling as some sort of taboo
And if you mention therapy they run away from you.

Counseling is that ointment you need for your soul
It helps you to see clearly the path to your goal
Like a rainbow emerging from the stormiest day
Therapy gives new hope and brightens your way..

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Angels are on your side

Hush now  be quiet let the peace come into your heart
Let out all those worries all negativity must depart
The feelings of abandonment of being left behind
Are just a passing storm that isn't all too kind

People misunderstand you but you'll always still be you
No matter what the troubles or trials you must go through
These are all to shape you and help you more to be
That special human being created for  Eternity.

Let go of all those feelings and all those hurtful pains
Breathe in what is good so that nothing bad remains
Do not let the evil one break you up inside
For you are truly precious and have angels on you side.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

True Beauty

Beauty is so quiet and sees no need to boast
She holds in all her secrets like a cordial host
Without any bragging she blossoms in the Sun
And by her silent giving is attractive to everyone

Though she dressess simply and never speaks aloud
Her presence is quickly noticed in the busiest crowd
She doesn't seek for honor or the glory of her name
But finds her pleasures in the fleeing from all wordly fame

Like the little violet that is sending out her love
Beauty shares the wisdom she receives from God above
 Not with the worldy fashions of cameras and   TV
 But with her quiet example and sweet simplicity.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Frightened little girl

The morning was so bitter because of the night before
The little girl she trembled she didn't want any more
Too many stripes across her, from the belt that hit her frame
The little one was shaking and was feeling a little  lame.

In school she was so silent, afraid of everyone  around
So instead of playing games, she was nowhere to be  found
Somehow she thought she'd slip up, and tell the others of  her pain
So she kept herself  hidden, far from others she would remain.

Back from school she trembled  she knew too well  the routine
Awaiting her was the mother who was always cruel and mean
She had hoped  that just one time, she could come home unfraid
But each time it would be the same, her beatings were all replayed.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The morning breaks open with Heaven's songs

The morning breaks open with all Heaven's songs
All creation cries out to whom it belongs
The Infinite, the Eternal, the  Creator of all
Is praised  by the Universe's great and the small.

Listen most deeply and be quiet of mind
The wisdom of the Creator is what you will find
Echoed most sweety in tunes so unique
Every creature so willing to share what you seek.

Not with great reasoning or studied technique
 Will creation cry out or venture to speak
But with  greatest simplicity from the Heaven's above
Will the universe share all the Eternal One's love.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Cries from the broken

Will you reach out your hand to me for now I am afraid
By people,I have trusted, I have been so betrayed
Not always  seeing clearly; for reality's so far:
I often believe people when they say who they are.

Inside me I can't imagine it:  that people  would do wrong
I trust them so quickly and they lead me along
They promise me friendship and say  the right thing
Before I even know it great confusion they bring 

Trembling and shaking I become full of fear
I shout and I cry out to all who would hear
Most people ignore me; they're too busy to see
That someone has hurt me; I'm trapped as can be

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Trying to understand

I'm struggling to find the right words to express what I want to say
It's hard to get out my feelings; they come out in the  wrong way
I have a certain condition that makes things so very unclear
"Not everything is black and white" are the words I constantly hear

To open up a book and see all the  words written inside
Makes me start to  tremble and even want to hide
I know what some words mean;but  about others I'm unsure
After I have finished reading I am feeling a little  insecure.

Did you ever wonder why some people can't  understand
You give them some instructions and things get out of hand
You feel they're being rude  in not doing what you say
But really they're learning disabled and hear a different way.

Its impotant to be patient and know that  not everyone
Was given all the life tools when their journey was begun
Some were given brains and others were slow to start
While others were greatly gifted; some only received a heart

So whoever the person may be: remember everyone's unique
 Understanding and kindness should be in the words your speak
Not everyone will be like  the person in your mirror
"How wonderful to be you" are the words everyone should hear.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The storms of life

We wander about this world as fragile vessels on a sea.
Sometimes the winds are kindly, other times so terrifying
We can only do our best to keep afloat at every turn
For often we are battered and have  so much we need  to learn

When the winds of time come  and  shake our mortal frame
We need to find the courage and call upon Jesus'  name
For as He calmed the storm that was shaking His fishing boat
He will reach out to all His people  and help them keep afloat.

We mustn't let the storms of life cloud our point of view
They have their place in time but they are just passing through
They will shake us up and  shape us; if we let them do their stuff
But we must always remember that in God we're strong enough.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We are God's children

We open up our hearts and give of who we are
We become for other people a true and shining star
Forgetting all the labels and putting aside the price
We live as God's children so ready to sacrifice

To the broken and forgotten we invite a simple smile
We open up our spirits and share with them awhile
We let go of all restrictions that say we cannot love
And are guided by that Spirit that leads us from Above.

Because we are believers we cannot close our eyes.
Nothing can ever stop us from responding to the cries
Of those who have been forgotten and sadly left behind
For as followers of Jesus we will always love  mankind

We invite without inviting  everybody that is around
By our lives we try to show where true peace can be found
Without pressuring any person we always keep an open door
Our lives show how God's mercy is what all are looking for.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Listen to the universe sing

Birds are chirping their morning song
and the wind whispers through the trees
Creatures of the universe are waking to
melodies that echo through the breeze
All creation is alive and radiant
and is shouting out so silently
Many are the things  mother earth holds out
and is inviting us into see.

If you listen closely, the wind is speaking
and is calling out your name so clear
Even the trees and flowers are crying out
with messages for you to hear.
Closing  your eyes to all the worldly ways
and opening  them to the Eternal One  above
Will enable you to see so much more
for everything is echoing that God is love

Don't let a day pass you by without you
having had time to hear creations song
For in its melody is contained that peace
for which everyone does really long
Hurrying may be just fine for you in
completing all you think you have to do
But it cant ever seem to open up that realm
that wisdom's wanting to show to you.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Beautiful flowers

Beautiful flowers reaching out for the sky
Sharing their beauty with both you and I
Quietly blooming spreading their grace
Promoting God’s love all over the place

Fragile by nature faithful through time
Flowers inspire the poet to rhyme
Singing so gently oh listen and hear
They are inviting you: come and draw near

If ever the clouds should darken your sky
Remember the flowers that you pass by
Are needing the moisture and also the rain
Storms will pass quickly as will the pain

Friday, June 15, 2012

I saw the tears roll down your face

I saw the tears roll down your face
They created memories I can't erase
I felt your sorrows your hurt inside
I backed away and then I cried

If I could undo the hurts  you feel
I'd do so now for my love is real
I cannot change the hands of time
So I share my heart with you in  rhyme

Every feeling you're going through
I feel it also for  I suffer with you
Knowing that God will always reply
I asked Him to  help you understand why

Letting go is never easy to do
Especially when it means leaving you
The miles will never keep us apart
For I'll hold you forever in my  heart


Be careful what you say

If it was only for a day and if it was only for while
That we said helpful  things that would  make peope smile
How much more wonderful would be our souls deep inside
If God's loving kindness was what we shared outside

If we could for a moment or for some measured space
Resolve  to say those things that would bring others grace
How much better would we feel, how much happier we'would be
For quarreling would stop and we  could live in harmony.

The tongue can be a tool: building up or tearing down
Our words can bring some happiness or  can create a frown
However we choose to speak; once our words are  free
We cannot stop their direction or what the outcome will be

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The broken child

Mommy I love you
Oh don't you love me too
Tell me dear Mommy
why do the things you do
I only needed loving
from you my mommy dear
Why oh why my mommy
are  bad words all  I hear?

Mommy I love you
I drew a picture today
Can't you love me also
they're simple words to say
You never hug me mommy,
 is it because I am so bad
Didnt you want me mommy
 did you ever know my dad?

I'm  sorry my mommy
that I'm not good  in your eyes
That you hate me so badly
that you had so many guys
I wish i wasn't  different
and we all had one dad
But I still love you my mommy
I dont want to see you sad

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Teardrops Falling

Teardrops falling from my eyes
Like tiny raindrops from the skies
Hearts are broken now in two
Saying good bye is hard to do.

Seems like yesterday  again
Saying good bye and moving in
Letting go of friends so dear
Miles away but always near.

Treasured memories it is true
Keep you going when you're blue
So as I'm waving my goodbye
I'll  recall  the rainbows in our sky.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Your shelter in the storm

If you're  lonely and needing someone to care
call on me and in an moment I will be there
And if you're hurting needing healing deep inside
call on my name; in Me you can always hide

I'll be your shelter in the storm,
 I'll be your sun shine in the rain
I'll be the one who keeps you whole
 whenever you are immersed in pain
I'll be the one, the only one
 walking  with you to the very  end
I'll be the one you know you can trust
 I'll be your best and truest friend.

Have you fallen down too many time today
Did you find yourself struggling to fnd a way
Were you unsure about things that were said
Have you had that feeling of awful dread?

I'll be your shelter in the storm,
 I'll be your sun shine in the rain
I'll be the one who keeps you whole
 whenever you are immersed in pain
I'll be the one, the only one
 who walks with you to the  end
I'll be the one you know you can trust
 I'll be your best and truest friend.

Did you ever have to watch someone walk away
Were you ever judged wrongly in any way
Did you ever fall short of some longed for goal
Feel abandoned and desolate in your soul?

I'll be your shelter in the storm,
 I'll be your sun shine in the rain
I'll be the one who keeps you whole
 whenever you are immersed in pain
I'll be the one, the only one
 who walks with you to the  end
I'll be the one you know you can trust
 I'll be your best and truest friend.

Did you not know I am always here
Waiting to be with you and ever near
I  have only to  hear you lovingly call
And I will come to you and be your all.

I'll be your shelter in the storm,
 I'll be your sun shine in the rain
I'll be the one who keeps you whole
 whenever you are immersed in pain
I'll be the one, the only one
 who walks with you to the  end
I'll be the one you know you can trust
 I'll be your best and truest friend.

Monday, June 11, 2012

I am .

 I am your neighbor who came knocking at your door
I was needing your kindness and left needing so much more
I am that person you passed by walking on the street
Did you recognize the opportunity that you failed to meet?

I am that fragile person you were making fun of  today
I'm  also that one who trusted you but was quickly led astray
Alone and abandoned I was reaching out for your  hand
I didn't ask for much but that you would try to understand

I am that person who cut before you in the grocery line
And received a glare back  that cut through this heart of mine
I am that person who everybody was avoiding today
I looked at you for acceptance, but you  looked away

I am that broken person,  that homeless person too
I am that needy person: every one reaching out to you
I came in all  my poverty to see how much you would love
A  God who became incarnate from His throne above.

When you say you love ME  do you really really  know
That loving  God is requiring some more action there below
It's easy enough  to say Amen when singing in the pew
But much harder is the love of all, that I'm requiring of you.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Like some commodity

i have this terrible feeling inside me, when ever i chance to hear
some news from those who have hurt me: their intentions are so clear
they never knew me in my struggling and now they're choosing to call
to make me feel like I owe them something :but i owe them nothing at all.

its awful to know my  value is measured by some simple dollar sign
that I'm like some sort of commodity that can be tossed  away with time
Why is it that people cannot  like me for the things  they cannot see
Like my love for God, my love for Jesus,  my concern for humanity?

Dont they know the things that value are not found inside a bank?
That people who give your worldly things are not the ones to thank
But rather we should be grateful for the ones who truly  help us  see
That  wealth and wisdom can be found without the need for any  money

So I sit here wondering about my life and about reality
It's necessary to have true friends; but this is a challenge for me
So many times I've been lead astry and am wanting what is real
So I'm asking the angels to help me now; as I open my heart and will

Saturday, June 9, 2012

God by the ocean

the waters roll in gently from the atlantic ocean flow
it is so calmng and so healing that my mind is free to go
To places that are not burdened by the thoughts of yesterday
Would that i could pitch my tent here and make it my forever stay

sea gulls from  a distance are letting out their screechy sound
as they take their many dives  to see where lunches can be found
the beauty of the ocean with its waves that touch the air
remind me that God is present and His beauty is everywhere

As I sit here quietly thinking and take in the blowing breeze
I allow the universal healing  to move me to my knees
Where before my heavenly maker  and all His creation  dear
I cry out as did many holy ones:   tis good Lord that i am here.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Priceless Treasures

Do you hear the sound of the birds as they chirp their melody
How wonderfully they are contributing  to creations symphony
So much beauty and so much wonder is starting the infant day
It leaves the soul to ponder the mysteriousness of God's way.

Across the sky is painted the many colors that will portray
The destiny of each hour and all that will be happening today
Without the use of language the universe will let us see
The secrets of God's wisdom in the minutes that come to be.

The silence shouts out loudly to our souls so deep inside
True happiness can never be found in what we seek outside
The treasures of our souls are not something we seek and find
But rather come from God when we surrender our heart and mind.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

There's something wrong with me

there's something wrong with me,
I'm never able to see
when someone is being untruthful
or might be hurtful to me
i want to believe in everyone
not think others will do me wrong
Something must be wrong with me
how will i ever get along?

there's something wrong with me
something broken inside
i wish i knew how to tell when people
have something to hide
others see it so clearly
but to me to me its not so easy to see
something's wrong with me
it allows others to be hurtful to me

You have a guardian angel

If the sky seems to be falling down upon your world today
And you  feel life couldn't be harder: difficulties pave your way
Take courage in the knowing that there is someone always near
You have a guardian angel who will protect you: do not fear.

Yes, there'll be the storm clouds that will  block the beautiful sun.
And there  will  be those moments when nothing can be done.
But take consolation in the knowing that you wont  ever be alone
You  have a guardian angel with you: an angel of your own.

So let the raindrops fall down and the lightning flash around
Let the clouds clap  together and produce their scary sound
You never need to worry now; for you have a  faithful friend.
You have a guardian angel; who will protect you to the end.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Slipping through my window....

Slipping through my window is the early morning breeze
It has wonder  all inside it and a message from the trees
Time to start my day now;  though the clouds fill up the sky
How wonderful to be wakened by the wind thats passing by

Music from the universe is filtering through the air
It echoes from the Heavens that God is everywhere
Something about the beauty that is shining all around
Leads me into that silence where the Eternal One is found.

Without the need for language all creation speaks to me
From the tiniest little seedling to the tallest growing tree
Everything that's living,  has so much it wants to say
We only need to listen to hear the secrets along life's way

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Voices of the past

I'm hearing the voices of the past
echoing the hurts of so long ago
While  memories are painting pictures
that wound both my heart and soul
Something about this moment
has pulled up a summary of all my fears
And I am plunged into an abyss
that is raging with a river made from tears.

I try to get around it,
this trauma that is overshadowing all I do
But the voices of yesterday shout out things
that are so hurtful and true
I don't want to hear these reminders
of sorrows so very deep inside
So I'm begging you dear angels
to come take me somewhere that I can hide

Before the  flowing waters
I take refuges within my heart and will
And surrender to the wisdom
that created me when all was still
Though this illness of  mind
is robbing me of  my inner peace
I hear deep within that these things are passing
and everything will cease.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Have you ever stopped to listen?

Have you ever stopped to listen to the flower who's so small
To the  words that she is  saying whenever she chooses to call
How gently does she whisper but loud enough for all to hear
Her messages are so potent;  her lessons are ever clear

While we are busy making business and running here and there
She is crying out  "Stop and listen, I have something   to share"
If we don't allow ourselves the moments to stop or pause awhile
We'll miss all creation's wisdom and pass over the violet's smile.

There's something in all of nature that  we so quickly lose
When we fill our lives with clutter making busy-ness what we choose
We end our days in exhaustion for some passing financial gain
When peace is given so freely;  her presence causes no pain

Summer brings her beauty

Summer brings her beauty; sweet music fills the air
Birds awaken early to greet the morning without care
Sounds of gentle movements echo in the breezes flow
Leaves on trees are dancing: it's morning don't you know?

Fluffs of clouds are floating creating pictures in the sky
The morning star is shining and touches you and I
Flowers stretch out boldly and color the earth its true
All creation is smiling and waving at me and you

Can you hear the sparrow singing out her melody?
Or hear the tiny violet creating  her symphony?
Has the universe touched you; are you moved within?
Let creation kiss you and see what new life will  begin.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Foster homes

The  moving has me triggered back to when I was so small
And was going  to the foster homes everything I now recall
I remember how I packed my bags; and was taken so far away
Hitting the man who took me out  and crying so much that day

I'm remembering bits and pieces; the images they are clear
I see so much comotion happening: some arguing I can hear
I remember trying to say good-bye but no one responding back
I couldn't understand it all but  I clung tightly to my sack.

I thought it was for a little ride; didnt know it would be so long
I cried to think I was not home and wondered what I did wrong
Now I'm sitting here today caught up in moments from the past
Why is it  that I keep going there   how much longer will it last?

Preparing for a journey

I am sitting here thinking about the days and the years
Another chapters ending, my eyes are filled with tears
How many pages were written in  this beloved place
Time is passing quickly; sad goodbyes I must  face

While bidding my  farewells to those I hold most dear
I console myself knowing phonecalls bring them near
The past is but a memory; all we have now  is today
To capture, in our embracing, encouragement for the way

It would be unrealistic to say  I dont feel any sorrow
For I know how I will  feel when today becomes  tomorrow
Knowing  that I  wont see them any more  during  my busy  week
Leaves an emptiness inside of which words can never speak.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

So much to see

The sun is brightly shining gone are the pournig rains
Little droplets of dew are the only moisture that remains
The glowing star of morning reaches out to one and all
Its warming rays dance sweetly during the wake up call

Birds of every color are singing so peacefully
The universe is so beautiful there's so much to see
If we go too quickly we're sure to miss the view
Each morning has a vision meant for me and you

The wind is softy whispering carrying life to all
 It reaches out to everyone both the great and small
Coming from God's spirit, it keeps everything alive
If ever God stopped breathing  we would never survive.

We thank You Holy Father for Your life giving breath to all
We'll always respond as children whenever You will call
You have given us so many things so much beauty divine
May each of us become your temple your consecrated shrine.

Friday, June 1, 2012

I finally let it all out...

I finally let it all out, all  the hurt all the pain
Nothing was held back it came out like the rain
For too long I have been silent keeping it all in
I am a human being and need to breathe again..

I  had no choice but take it when I was a child
You anger and your fury your hitting ever wild
But  now I am a grown up and in my own space
Please leave me to my healing. I am in God's grace.

I'm sorry I never turned out like you wanted me to
Sorry that I couldn't  buy  you stuff like the others do
I won't pretend you love me when it wasnt ever there
But will place you in Gods mercy and His gentle care.

Enough rain already

The rain it falls now day after day
Please good sunshine chase it away
We love the rain drops; but also the sun
The work outside is waiting to get done.

How sweet you sound dear falling rain
But after a while it becomes a pain
Not for  the otters the seals or the sea
But for people outside and also for  me

Everything in moderation people say
So please dear rain  shower hurry away
For many are waiting for the glowing sun
And a few nice rainbows when you're done

Wrestling with yesterday

I don't want to return  to  those places of the past
Though memories take me back there: How long must it last?:
All the  trauma and the fear that keep lurking around me
Calling out and shouting;  Oh please  let me be.

I see them so clearly all the hurts and all the pain
They come uninvited and decide jf  they'll remain
So I  fight with my tools i have been gathering around
Sometimes I'm triumphant:  other times I am bound.

To the quiet places within I  run for some rest
While memories keep knocking and try to suggest
Visions  of horror: with   yesterdays fears
I wonder how long must I swim through these tears.