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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

When you are looking at people...

When you  are looking at people what do you see
Do you see some sort of label or some opportunity
By what do you judge folks and how do you decide
Who can be your friend now and who will be denied?

Do you look at the surface; is race where you begin
Does your kindness depend on the color of skin?
Do you look at the gender; for people  who are straight
If someone is bi-sexual do you show them the gate?

What are your boundaries for those drawing near
Are they really  reasonable or   built out of fear
How many people were considered out of your range
Because they were different and unable to change

Could you be  more flexible when sharing your love
After all we were all created by the same God above
It doesn't really matter if one's black or one's white
Homosexual or straight; it can  all be alright

We aren't supposed to be judges with  gavels in hand
But people who are loving and trying to understand
Letting go of the labels and our ideas about right
Will give everyone a chance to be recipients of light.


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