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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The secrets I kept

There were so many secrets inside me, that I couldn't ever display
I went through life pretending and hoping they wouldnt get in my way
I never spoke of  them to anyone: all these  hurts so deep  inside
Until I found  myself so broken that I  withdrew from all and cried.

I went through life, the wounded one; but gave to all a smile
Because I was taught to forget myself and go the extra mile
While I was giving  my everything to all who asked of me
I was slowly becoming crippled by things no one could see.

Little by little i wore myself down and became a prey for all
Who took advantage of giving ones and the very small
I didn't know how to  help myself for  I was never tought
That caring for myself was okay:  professional help I sought

Now I'm on the road to recovery, with every secret inside
Freed from the awful place where they were made to always hide
Its not an easy process,  this healing :  for things from so long ago
Tend to keep on trying to reroot as I'm trying to let them go.

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