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Monday, May 28, 2012

Making the best of things

Today, I am coping, with the circumstances of the day
I am not able to ignore them  so must use them in some way
And though some of them are trying and make me want to cry
Every moment brings me closer to that Mansion in the sky

I never received the tools that would make my life a breeze
Instead I struggle through  mishaps that drop me to my knees
Often weeping in  frustration about the things I can't understand
I raise my eyes to the Heavens and beg  the angels to take my hand

So it is that I am pausing at the start of this  new day
While clouds are quickly gathering and the sun is hid away
I prepare myself for stormy weather; the rain has beauty too
I think of all the puddles and the splashing that I can do.

Just as we  have the good times we will also will have the bad
We will have the happy moments and those that'll make us sad
We can choose to let things chain us or  simply set them free
We have so many choices; and we get to choose what they will be.

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