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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Sometimes life opens up to us the meadows where flowers and happy things grow
Other times the storm clouds surround us and rains pour down everywhere we go.
Whatever the universe holds out to us, we can  know that we are going to be okay
We have made it this far still breathing; we mustn't let anything get in our way..

LIfe has its own way of teaching us and  every lesson has its own style
Some lessons leave us feeling uplifted and others like we're standing a trial
We mustn't give up in the struggle; when we have accomplished so much this far
We must keep on looking ahead of us and not at some challenging scar.

Today we can start to refocus and adjust how we are going to believe
We can put on a new pair of glasses  and filter  the messages we receive
Sometimes we will need some reminders and angels who come along the way
To remind us that everything is worth it and we should walk while there is day.

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