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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I cannot pretend that yesterday didn't happen

I cannot pretend that yesterday didn't happen
Closing my eyes will never make it all disappear
I can still feel the pain and hear angry words snapping
and the scars tell the stories  no else will ever hear

Should I feel guilty for letting the little child weep inside
For giving her freedoom to talk  after so many years
Is it fair to keep telling her that  she must hush and hide
That her little days of hurt should never come out in tears

Who would put salt on wounds that have been bleeding
Or allow an infection to continue without  cure
The little one inside reveals  what she is needing
And waits for the freedom her healing will secure.

On the outside I smile because  expected to do so
But  the little child inside  is trying to run away
She carries in her bags the reasons she cannot go
And lives like a child inside me to this very day


  1. I so get this. And such a perfect song choice....I have locked my hidden child away because I fear that after all these years, the unspoken hurt, unfelt pain, and torrid of emotions will distroy what little sanity I have left.....I get this....

  2. Dear phonemail2125 ..for too long my little one was silenced and that has brought me so much more hurt . because unhealed wounds become bigger and infected. .infection hurts the whole body.. it's scary but little by i will let her our and let her speak so her hurts cn be healed..

  3. I wish I had your strength. I don't know if I can handle it...

  4. sometimes its hard.. i ask help from God and the angels. and i have a very nice T.


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