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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

For Us To See

Tomorrow the raindrops that fell upon the ground
Will sparkle on the flowers everywhere around
The storms that interrupted the peace of our night
Will bow to the morning leaving a rainbow in sight.

What colored the sky gray no longer will appear
For morning brings new colors;and a melody we hear
Birds are singing sweetly and greet the newborn day
How I wish I could understand everything they say.

How wonderfully all creation escorts the night and day
The beauty of the universe touches all along the way
Nothing but God's beauty and His deep tranquility
Whispers from the universe and reflects in all we see.


  1. You have such beauty in your soul. Thank you for sharing. I love thi s song too, an old favourite of mine.

  2. Thank you Jan. .music is my way of soothing my is Poetry..


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