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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Everyone has rights (repost)

I  took the blame for more then one
and was singled out for what i had done
I spoke up for right was put down as wrong
and so I pen my words in poetic song

if you are courageous and you are
speaking out will earn you a  scar
not letting the crowd  bully their way
will leave you with a price  to pay

if you speak out:  I’m sure you may 
others wil also  have their  say
they'll call you names and put your aside
tell you your wrong and full of pride.

Yet if we're  silent before the wrong 
Freedoms would die out before too long
Only the bullies will rule  the day
The meek, the hurting will have no say.

We are the ones who heal or hurt
Help others rise or feel like dirt
We choose the path that we will walk 
Choose to be silent or choose to talk

If others are wronged before our sight
Will we remain  silent or become a light?
Will we be willing to take some shame,
And defend the dignity of another's name?

Just thought I’d write for it seems to me
There should be more voices for equality
That somehow people should rise up  and say
“Everyone has rights, don’t take them away”

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