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Monday, May 21, 2012

Even in the storm

The storm clouds were gathering in my  skies last night
The lightning was flashing and the thunder gave a fright
Sometimes without  warning great terrors fill the sky
And we are left hoping that the worst willl pass  by.

The rain, when its falling, is  soothing as can be
But let it come in torrents and we have catastrophe
So it is with life and all the seasons that are found
Brushing against  our being as we navigate around.

I hope your day is blessed with weather calm and bright
But if the storm clouds gather let faith  be your light
For He who formed the clouds and allows storms to be
Is also the One who gives life and calms the raging sea.



  1. In one of my dreams I was on a raging sea and my parents wouldn't help me. They left me there in all the waves were coming in on me. But then the dream went to a calm. I had made it to land without their help. But then I saw my mother who encouraged my dad to leave me in the storm, she was out of her mind and I watched her as she needed my help....My parents raped and abandoned me as a little girl. Left me on a raging sea just as my dream. Now I have helped nursed my mother through breast cancer and several strokes. Helped my dad take care of her..I appreciate your poem today Joy. I had a hard night but Jesus is right here with me. He does speaks to the storms of life, brings calm to my hurting soul...Thank you Joy for sharing your gift...Love RiRi

  2. Hi Riri. How very good to see you again. I was so very concerned of you . and how sorry I feel that you have had such a stormy time but I rejoice that you have come out of that terrible wind of events and feel safe enough to write of it are beautiful dear Riri.. your soul comes out in your writing.. I am honored you found something to hold to in the words i wrote.God is so good..all the time..and even when it seems He is far He is always very near or we would not be able to survive it you RiRi.. come back once in awhile; we are kindred spiritsL xoxo Joy


Thank you for your comment.. you are dear to me.. I will reply to this comment