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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Each person is so precious

Each person is  so preciuos every person is unique
No matter what their color or the language that they speak
Everyone is a treasure that has come from God above
No one should be neglected or denied the right to love

It doesn't really matter if one is rich or one is poor
Everyone is deserving of love and  so much more
The reason why there's hatred in this world of ours today
Is so  many people want everyone to live their  narrow  way.

Everyone is so different in how they've come to be
Yet everyone is needed in this great humanity
The color of one's skin or how one chooses to  love
Should never be the  label by which they're  spoken of

So take some time today to reach out to one another
Recognizing in each person, your sister and your brother
We're all but one family, though miles and miles apart
Peace will come to us if we give it a place to start.

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