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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The angels of the night

The sun is slowly fading and the night is drawing near
I venture to my quiet space to see what I can hear.
The stress of all the passing days has taken hold of me
So the silence of my soul is where I really need to be.

I picture in my mind a lake  refreshing, cool and still
And try to rest beside its bank the worries of my will
As I'm reflecting on the peace that whispers silently
I'm asking all the universe to sing a song for me

Closing my eyes I'm listening to creations symphony
While I can see a million angels  reaching out for me
I want to cry a hundred tears and show them all my stress
But  then they take me into their circle of peaceful tenderness

Everything I  wanted to say and every held back tear
I saw inside their golden bags and they told me "do not fear"
So i closed my eyes once more and when i opened them again
My angels friends had disappeared but  left me peace within

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